Ruggedized PMC Board is IEEE P1383.1 compliant.

Press Release Summary:

Duros/PMC conduction-cooled, dual-head display controller board features 128-bit 2D/3D SM731 graphics accelerator, which is supported with 16 Mbytes of high-speed SDRAM display memory. It provides screen resolutions up to 1,600 x 1,200 at vertical scan rates up to 91 Hz. Suited for VMEbus and CompactPCI embedded systems, Duros/PMC supports single channel analog VGA, dual-channel LVDS outputs, or optional single channel DVI.

Original Press Release:

New Conduction-Cooled, PMC Board Breaks Price Barrier for Ruggedized 128-bit Graphics

Duros/PMC is first rugged PMC module to feature the Silicon Motion SM731 2D/3D graphics accelerator

OAKLAND, Calif. September 29, 2003 ---- Peritek, a Curtiss-Wright company (NYSE: CW; CW.B) and the leading provider of mezzanine graphics boards for embedded systems, has introduced its first ruggedized IEEE P1383.1 compliant PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) graphics board for use in VMEbus and CompactPCI embedded systems. The Duros/PMC is a conduction-cooled high-resolution, dual-head display controller. The first ruggedized graphics card to feature Silicon Motion's 128-bit SM731 graphics accelerator, the Duros/PMC significantly lowers the cost of high-performance ruggedized PMC graphics.

"The Duros/PMC brings affordable high performance graphics to harsh environment applications," said Victor Gold, Vice President of Graphics Engineering. "Its SM731 graphics engine offers next-generation performance in a rugged, low power, conduction cooled and conformally coated PMC module. This affordably priced, high-speed, high resolution graphics card sets a new standard for cost-effective ruggedized PMC graphics."

Powered by Silicon Motion's 128-bit SM731 graphics accelerator, Duros/PMC supports screen resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 (UXGA) at vertical scan rates up to 91 Hz. The SM731 is supported with 16 Mbytes of high speed SDRAM display memory to provide ample local storage for image and off-screen data such as texture maps, Z-buffer, and backing store.

Duros/PMC supports single channel analog VGA, single channel DVI (option) or dual-channel LVDS outputs. With the DVI (PanelLink) option, the Duros/PMC can support simultaneous DVI and VGA outputs. Dual Channel limited to 1024x768 per channel operation. All outputs are via the card's 64-pin PMC Pn4 rear panel connector. Duros/PMC is designed for displays running in VxWorks, Linux and Windows operating system environments. It also supports DirectX and 3D/OpenGL environments running Windows.

Ruggedization Levels
The Duros/PMC is designed for mission-critical military, aerospace, homeland security and industrial applications and is available in two levels of ruggedization: Class 2 and Class 3.

Duros/PMC Hardware Features:
o Silicon Motion SM731 2D/3D 128-bit display controller
o Resolution up to 1600x1200
o 16.7 Million display colors @ 24-bits, 256 @ 8-bits
o On-board 32-bit 33/66 MHz PCI interface
o Analog VGA output
o Dual LVDS channel outputs (dual mode: 1024x768 per channel)
o Optional single channel DVI output
o Hardware scroll, pan, and cursor
o Field programmable VGA BIOS EEPROM
o Optional STANAG 3350 A Analog Video
o Composite and S-Video NTSC/PAL/SECAM
o CCIR, RS-170 and RS-343A RGB format

Duros/PMC Software Support:
o SDL Standard Drawing Library (VxWorks and Linux)
o WindML support (VxWorks)
o XFree86 X Windows support (Linux)
o Microsoft Windows 2K/XP support with OpenGL and DirectX support

Peritek offers compatible families of graphics controllers on PMC, CompactPCI and PCI platforms to offer the widest range of embedded and industrial operating systems compatibility. In addition to the Duros/PMC (and the commercial grade Tropos/PMC), Peritek also offers the Stratus/PMC, a cost-effective, high performance SM731-based PMC dual-head graphics module with video capture capability and the Argus/PMC, a dual display graphics controller with audio/video input/USB 2.0. Please contact Peritek for more information or consult our web page at

Pricing for the Class 2 ruggedization version of the Duros/PMC starts at $2,269.00 in 100 piece quantities. Pricing for the Class 3 ruggedization version starts at $2,434.00 in 100 piece quantities. Availability is off-the-shelf.

For information regarding Peritek's products or services, contact John Wranovics, director of marketing communications, Peritek, 5550 Redwood Road, Oakland, CA 94619 Tel: 510-531-6500, Fax 510-530-8563, e-mail:, Web site:

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About Peritek
Since 1976, Peritek, a division of VISTA Controls, and a Curtiss-Wright company, has supplied state-of-the-art graphics and peripheral cards to a variety of industries including aviation, defense and medical. Its cutting-edge graphics controllers include PMC, PCI, CompactPCI and VME solutions that support a number of operating languages including Solaris, Windows, Linux, and VxWorks. In addition, Peritek supplies products for bomb detection, industrial automation and medical imaging applications.

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