Ruggedized Broadcast Rack offers versatility via modularity.

Press Release Summary:

Accommodating pre- to post-production applications in professional broadcast and communication environments, broadcast rack has modular 12-gauge steel frame and comes in standard widths of 22, 24, 27, and 29 in.; depths of 36, 42, and 48 in., as well as heights from 35U–48U. Custom sizes are also available, and door perforation shapes and sizes can be configured to meet application airflow requirements. Other options include selection of doors, side panels, and top and bottom covers.

Original Press Release:

New Broadcast Rack Design from Optima Stantron Provides Versatile, Robust Construction

Sleek design, contemporary colors contribute to professional broadcast and communication environments

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Optima Stantron, an Elma company and leading designer and manufacturer of electronic racks and consoles, has released an innovative broadcast rack design that features a modular frame.  The rugged, customizable design helps reduce installation costs, upgrade requirements and service time.

Offering a professional appearance along with its flexibility, versatility and strength, the new 12-gauge steel frame endures in the most demanding, pre- to post-production applications.

The new rack comes in standard widths of 22", 24", 27" and 29", depths of 36", 42" or 48" and heights from 35U to 48U, with custom sizes available.  Various door perforation shapes and sizes can be configured to meet application airflow requirements, enabling users to design a custom-tailored, cost-effective unit.

With front recesses up to 7" and short side panel options available, the rack easily accommodates a hot/cold aisle air flow configuration without additional accessories to conserve energy and lower cooling costs.

The new enclosure offers many custom design features incorporated on the standard platform to further reduce costs, while contributing to its sleek appearance.  This includes an electrostatically-applied powder coating, available in several contemporary colors, that is thermally set to a hard, durable finish. Custom color matching is also available.

A wide selection of doors, side panels, top and bottom covers include easily removable dual side panels that come with or without a lock as well as lift-off doors with no loose parts—the hinges lock into place when the door closes.

The new rack can be outfitted with a number of accessories, such as ladder racks, lacing panels and split-EIA rails.  A hidden screw enables the unit to be bolted down, and it can be rated for Zone 4/seismic compliance to protect against earthquakes.

While front and rear brushed cable entry is standard, access at the top is also an option.  Knockout cable openings in the frame’s sides allow for integrated cable access.

Technical Specifications:

12-gauge steel, modular welded frame

Cost-effective with multiple design options

Wide selection of panels, doors and accessories to suit specific environments

Professional, sleek design for pre- and post-production installations

Pricing and delivery is dependent upon configuration.

For more information, please visit or contact or (770) 496-4000.

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