Ruggedized, 50 W DC/DC Converter suits industrial applications.

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Designed for use in harsh environments, HVI 50 series DC/DC converter accepts 700 Vdc nominal input voltage and has input range of 600-800 Vdc. Input to chassis/output isolation is 3,000 Vdc and unit is type-tested to 5,600 Vdc, while 12, 24, and 48 Vdc, as well as custom output voltages are available. Housed in 114 x 51 x 201 mm vented enclosure, product includes EMI filtering and is shock- and vibration-resistant. It is also protected against moisture, humidity, and airborne contaminants.

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700 Vdc Input, 50 W DC/DC Converter Suits Rugged Industrial Applications

Absopulse Electronics' HVI 50 series, a 50W rugged, industrial quality dc/dc converter, accepts 700Vdc nominal input voltage, and has an input range of 600V to 800Vdc. All critical components on the primary side are designed and tested for corona inception levels that are significantly higher than the operating voltages, ensuring high reliability and long operating life of the units. (Input to chassis/output isolation is 3000Vdc and it is type tested to 5600Vdc).

Standard output voltages are 12Vdc, 24Vdc and 48Vdc, with other output voltages available on request. The converter is filtered to meet EN55022 Class A EMI conducted and radiated with wide margins and it is designed to meet EN 60950 and related standards.

The HVI 50 is ruggedized to ensure immunity to shock and vibration (EN61373/IEC61373 compliant) and it is conformal coated for protection from moisture, humidity and airborne contaminants. Additional ruggedizing is available for operation in severe environments. The unit is housed in a vented enclosure that measures 114 x 51 x 201 mm and weighs 0.8 kg. Indicators include a green "Output ON" LED that is visible through the cooling slots. Cooling is by conduction to customer heat sink or chassis and by natural convection; it requires no fans.

Each HVI 50 unit is priced in the C$168 range in quantities of 100. Contact or +613-836-3511.


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Established in 1982, Absopulse Electronics specializes in the design and manufacture of high-reliability, heavy-duty switch-mode power conversion products for the railway, industrial, military, marine, aeronautic, oil and gas, utility and telecommunications sectors.

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The company's product line includes AC-DC power supplies and battery chargers, DC-DC converters, sine-wave inverters, phase and frequency converters, DC-input dimmable back-light inverters for LCD displays, DC-output UPS systems, laboratory power supplies and complete power systems in 19" and 23" racks.

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Absopulse provides cost-effective solutions to almost any input, output and mechanical configuration requirement.

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