Roxtec's Unique Cable and Pipe Sealing Solutions for the Robotics Industry Saves Time and Provides an Advantage for End-Users Looking to Improve or Update Their Process

Manufacturers of robotic process systems are moving from the production of tailor-made, customized designs and taking a new position to create more standardized and cost-effective solutions. A couple of examples include mass-production Robotic paint shops and Robotic Routing and Water-jet systems. Roxtec cable entry seals are an effective contribution to these new, more efficient designs, as their adaptable features reduce lead times in projects and add the benefit of engineering flexibility for future system users.

A typical problem for all manufacturers of process equipment is completing each step of engineering within a short window of time. First, the design of the process system must be made, and the materials and equipment can be chosen to suit the requirements. During the build phase, everything is put to test as the materials and gear are assembled in real life. In most cases, the technical solution and assembly do not turn out exactly as intended in the first trial. Thus, re-designing and changing components becomes time consuming.

Roxtec cable entry modules are designed with two symmetrical halves that can be installed around new or pre-terminated cables and pipes. They can be re-opened and closed at any time for addition, removal or adjustment of cables and pipes. As well, the seals are designed with the Roxtec technology Multidiameter™, removable layers of rubber that make them adaptable to various sizes of cables and pipes. These adaptable features allow for easy installation and modification of components during the re-design process.

Another challenge faced by manufacturers of process systems is the number of requirements that must be met to produce the often complex, functional solutions requested by their modern-day customers. These complex systems must not only guarantee reliability, but must provide a competitive edge to the user in terms of higher quality, better productivity and a more efficient process.

The adaptable rubber layers of Roxtec cable entry modules allow for customized, accurate fit around various diameters of cables and pipes, creating a complete seal with water and air-tight protection, ensuring operational reliability. The exceptional flexibility to install or modify Roxtec seals adds the capacity for future changes, saving time and providing an advantage for end-users looking to improve or update their process within competitive markets. This is a particular advantage for robotic system manufacturers, due to the trial-and-error nature of perfecting a robotic system for OEM production.

Roxtec cable entry systems are a particular advantage for robotic system manufacturers during the trial-and-error process of perfecting a robotic system for OEM production. From the initial design to the final modifications, the process is shorter and simpler with Roxtec seals that allow adjustments to be made around cables and pipes without cutting and re-terminating. Michael Riley of Dürr Systems Inc., explains that, "cables and hoses are changing all the time in a project. It simplifies a lot with Roxtec as it handles all the changes." Roberta l. Zald, P.E., director of engineering at Robotic Production Technology Inc., expresses the same idea when she states that, "with Roxtec, we have a much better chance to engineer once and then be installing. With other products for cables and pipes, we would have to design first, then route and adjust the engineering." Additionally, without the need for connector modification, and on-site hazards posed by detached and unsecured connectors are eliminated.

The ultimate design objective of the Roxtec sealing system is to provide reliable protection for both people and investments. These cable and pipe seals protect against water, fire, gas, pressure, sand, pests, rodents, snakes, dust and dirt, just to name a few.  Additionally, the Roxtec sealing system prevents damage from pull-out, blast load, vibrations, noise and electromagnetic interference. Roxtec seals have been tested and certified by the majority of classification authorities around the world, verifying long-term integrity and the ability to effectively resist both physical and chemical hazards.

The Roxtec sealing system clearly creates simplicity for everyone involved, from designers and installers, to any future users who want to make changes to their system.  The many possible ways to use Roxtec—cables, pipes, pneumatic hoses in cabinets, penetrations in booth walls—make it a reliable manufacturing tool for a range of applications. The simplicity of installing Roxtec cable entry systems allows a project to leave the factory more quickly, saving critical time and cutting back on labor costs.

Thousands of users around the world are already making savings and producing reliable systems thanks to Roxtec. The sooner a Roxtec solution is brought into a project, the quicker the desired results can be achieved. With sealing modules that adapt to various diameters and can be installed around pre-terminated cables and pipes, Roxtec modules eliminate a wide array of challenges that create set backs in today's high-paced industry. The advantage of easy installation and modification should not be underestimated. "Roxtec is awesome!", concludes Rockhaas at engineering design services in Michigan. "You know it is going to fit!"

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