Route1 Announces SAFE RESPONSE Solution to Prevent Workforce Disruptions from Pending Bird Flu & Other Causes

NEW YORK and TORONTO, Canada, November 23/ --- Business Continuity Offering Designed to Lessen Impact by Worker Quarantines and Concerns Over Safe Travel

The tragedy of 9-11, the SARS scare of Spring 2003, the hurricanes of 2005, and a pending avian flu pandemic have brought increased focus to the evolving issues of disaster preparedness, recovery and business continuity.

Sadly, in an ever-demanding IT world, real solutions to these problems remain for most a wish list item due to budget constraints. While many companies of size have full redundancy for their data centers, few have full access solutions in place for their employees. The reality for an alarming number of companies is that they would be better equipped to manage the absence of their real estate then their human resources. Today, Route1(TM) (TSX-V:ROI), an innovator in mobile thin-clients, announced the SAFE RESPONSE solution for proportional business continuity to lessen impact by worker quarantines and other disruptions stemming from man-made and natural causes.

"Route1's SAFE RESPONSE is not only the result of our personal experiences with the SARS outbreak but also growing business and government concerns about spread of the current H5NI virus," said Andrew White, CEO Route1. "We don't want to sound alarmist, but what do organizations do when their critical workforces have to be quarantined or can't access the workplace due to safe travel concerns? SAFE RESPONSE is a viable remedy now for any size of organization."

Route1's SAFE RESPONSE solution is built on the Company's latest innovation, the MobiKEY, the world's first USB thin-client for instant, secure remote computing. With MobiKEY, users remotely access and control their desktop applications which look, act and behave exactly as they do when they are at their desk in the office. There are no complicated VPN set ups, tokens, or unfamiliar webified applications to struggle with. Users simply plug MobiKEY into the USB port of their home computers and 30 seconds later they are running their office desktop.

SAFE RESPONSE is a proportional business continuance offering which ensures user acceptance and consistency of experience, provides a predictable deployment and flexibility for a phased to full roll-out capability. Route1 has teamed up with MobiAlliance Channel Partners to provide IT support and help desk capacity to further simplify the process where instantaneous widespread deployment challenges may exist.

"Disaster recovery solutions are typically dial tone solutions which have limited implementation or application in the event of anything less than a full scale disaster," said Samir Sakpal, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "A feasible solution must be able to work and be introduced for a few employees, grow to a few hundred, or possibly to a few thousand all at once. Route1's SAFE RESPONSE doesn't change business processes in a fully distributed setting which can reduce disorientation and panic in the event of a serious disruption."

IT administrators are assured by MobiKEY's unique security design which makes it virus, malware and attack resistant. MobiKEY is the latest member of Route1's Mobi Solution, a platform that enables instant secure, remote computing using thin-clients. The platform's Seamless Workspace architecture and workSecure security design allow users to remotely operate office computing and network resources seamlessly and securely while traversing networks. The solution consists of hardware, software and the managed MobiNET service which authenticates users, devices and encrypts all data transactions using technologies from RSA and Kobil. With MobiNET, systems behind firewalls actually follow users and establish connections and since no applications or data reside on the mobile devices, organizations can assure compliance with privacy, security and governance regulations.

About Route1

Route1 is an innovator in secure, mobile thin clients. The Company's Mobi Solution bridges the gap between business agility and data security allowing individuals and organizations to assuredly support their mobile office, regulatory compliance, business growth and business continuity needs. Route1's solution consists of unique mobile devices and software integrated with a managed secure connectivity service. The Company is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (symbol:ROI) with offices in Toronto and New York. For more information, visit

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