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(Pawcatuck, Conn.) - Profitability in the extrusion business largely depends on finding the right equipment. For Rotuba Extruders, Inc. of Linden, N.J., the right piece of equipment has been Davis-Standard’s Super Blue® extruder. Rotuba, an industry leader in the extrusion of LED lighting, point-of-purchase displays and specialty applications, purchased its first Super Blue in 2005 shortly after the machine’s introduction. Since then, Rotuba has added six more Super Blue’s while experiencing robust growth of 400 percent in just over 10 years. The company will add five more extruders this calendar year and look to Davis-Standard for even more extruders to outfit the company’s facility expansion within the next two to three years.

“When we purchased our first Super Blue, our salesman Larry Giammarco told us he could deliver it in two weeks with everything we needed. I was a little hesitant, but decided to go for it,” said Gil Carmichael, Project Manager for Rotuba’s Extrusion Division. “It was delivered in one week and the performance has been outstanding. The reliability of this extruder and Davis-Standard’s responsiveness has been ideal for our business. This is why we have come to solely rely on Davis-Standard for extruders.”

The collaborative nature of Davis-Standard’s sales team has been a big plus for Rotuba. Whenever they need anything, Carmichael contacts Giammarco who investigates Rotuba’s needs and provides guidance on additional options and new technology depending on requirements. This type of cooperation is essential since Rotuba addresses a variety of applications and specific client needs on routinely short timelines. The spare part service, ease of maintenance, and functionality of the Super Blue are also appreciated.

“Maintenance is minimal and the knowledge of Davis-Standard’s sales staff and parts department is excellent. They always seem to have everything in stock and many spare parts are interchangeable. This helps our bottom line by keeping inventory costs low,” explained Carmichael. “From an operator perspective, the functionality of the TPC touchscreen controls is a big advantage. We also have flexibility with different Davis-Standard feedscrews. The screws are engineered to fit any Super Blue, which makes production scheduling much easier.”

Pat McEvoy, Vice President of Sales, added that one of Rotuba’s primary market advantages is their solution-based approach as a specification extrusion company; another reason the versatile Super Blue is a good fit. Just as Rotuba seeks collaboration with Davis-Standard, the company seeks collaboration with clients as early as possible within the design cycle. Jointly with clients, Rotuba reviews product designs and designates a project manager. The manager reviews all aspects of the project to ensure optimal performance, quantitative process repeatability, lowest cost manufacturing and fast delivery.

“Our main advantage is that we house engineering, tooling design, machining, specialized quantitative measuring and production all in one location. This is what has led to us being recognized as the North American leader in new product development for LED lighting. Our dexterity to utilize all of these resources in a fast and highly efficient manner enables us to realize new products for clients,” stated McEvoy.

To support a wide range of applications, the Super Blue Product line is available in 2-inch (50mm), 2 ½-inch (65mm), 75mm, 3 ½-inch (90mm), 100mm, and 4 ½-inch (114mm) sizes, each with the option of a 24:1 L/D ratio or 30:1 L/D ratio. The extruder is standardly equipped with preferred features including a low noise, high torque double-reduction gearbox; cast aluminum finned heaters bolted to the barrel; an AC drive and motor; and a high capacity air cooling system. Design advantages include a rigid base with structural steel construction; a wear-resistant bimetallic barrel designed for 10,000 psi operating pressure with removable barrel flange, rupture disc and pressure transducer; a modular, “inverted-L” style control panel for improved accessibility; and a gear drive reducer with heavy-wall, two-piece iron housing and single helical gearing. The Super Blue is standard with a three-year warranty and is available with a wide range of DSB® barrier screw designs.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed supporting Rotuba in their business growth,” added Larry Giammarco, Regional Sales Manager for Davis-Standard. “The short lead time and cost-efficiency of the Super Blue has worked well for them. We’ve been able to exceed expectations by completing the electrical and mechanical assembly and testing procedures in-house. When these machines are delivered, they are ready to go. We appreciate their business and look forward to future collaboration.”

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