ROTEX® Screeners Ensure Fast, Efficient, and Accurate Screening of Abrasive Materials

Corrosion-Resistant Design Ideal for Salt Applications

CINCINNATI, OH (February 17, 2009)-Recently, the ROTEX® Screener from ROTEX Global, LLC, was featured in the CBS News Sunday Morning story, "The History of Salt, In a Pinch." ROTEX Screeners feature a unique gyratory-reciprocating motion and an aggressive screen mesh cleaning system that is ideal for salt applications. The highly efficient design of the ROTEX Screener also serves hundreds of other applications throughout many industries.

ROTEX Screeners provide rapid distribution, stratification, and separation of particles through the gyratory-reciprocating motion of the near-horizontal screen surface. Designed to maintain efficiency and capacity, the positive screen mesh cleaning system contains bouncing balls to keep screen openings clear and aid particle stratification.

The unique gyratory-reciprocating motion begins with a horizontal circular motion at the feed end that immediately spreads the material across the full width of the screen, maximizing screen use. The circular motion gradually diminishes along the length of the machine to an elliptical path, and finally to a nearly straight-line motion at the discharge end. This motion allows the machine to process material at a high capacity and improves screening performance with near-size material. There is no vertical component to this motion, thus keeping the material in constant contact with the screen surface.

The corrosion-resistant design and construction withstands even abrasive applications, including mined salt, road salt, water softener pellets, and edible salts. Dynamic Absorber drives are designed for long-term, trouble-free service with minimal maintenance. A sliding inlet connection eliminates the need for regular replacement of connecting sleeves.

ROTEX Screener models range from one to five screen surfaces for separations from ½ inch to 325 mesh. All screener models include completely enclosed positive sealing, stainless steel contact parts, automatic tensioning, and patented spring actuated clamps.

Rotex offers innovative design features developed for hundreds of applications across many industries. Options include sanitary designs, special inlets and outlets, two-deck independently fed screen decks, high-temperature construction, abrasion-resistant linings, floor mounting or cable suspension, and several other options to suit the application.

The recently introduced APEX(TM) Screener incorporates the same gyratory-reciprocating motion and efficiency performance of the ROTEX Screener. In addition, the APEX features such ergonomic features as side access to screens and ball trays. The result is the screener can be maintained efficiently by one person, resulting in increased production up-time.

In addition to the ROTEX and APEX screeners, Rotex offers another separation option, the Minerals Separator(TM). The Minerals Separator provides unsurpassed screening performance when high capacity, sharp separations, and high efficiencies are required. Its elliptical-linear motion is ideal for mined minerals and abrasive applications, including salt, sand, roofing granules, potash, clay, and borax.

For more information on the ways ROTEX® Screeners can improve your screening operation, contact ROTEX Global, LLC, 1230 Knowlton St., Cincinnati, OH 45223,, 1-800-453-2321, Fax 513-541-4888, or email

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