Rotary Vacuum Pumps offer maintenance-free operation.

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Engineered for factory automation applications, Rotary Vacuum Pumps feature fully balanced design that minimizes vibration. Minimum clearance between rotor and cylinder wall of pump results in virtually contactless design and reduction in sliding parts. Because pumps use magnet coupling, and no sliding seal is required, maintenance due to seal abrasion is not necessary. Pumps generate low heat through use of forced air cooling system and operate at virtually silent noise levels (≤58 dB [50 Hz).

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Pisco Introduces Maintenance-Free, Low Vibration Rotary Vacuum Pumps for Factory Automation

Elmhurst, IL – Featuring maintenance-free operation and low vibration, PISCO USA, INC.’s new Rotary Vacuum Pumps are engineered for longevity and accuracy.

These Rotary Vacuum Pumps achieve long-term maintenance-free operation (3 years, 24/7) through the use of super engineered plastic. Furthermore, minimum clearance between the rotor and cylinder wall of the pump results in a virtually contactless design and a reduction in sliding parts. Because the pump uses a magnet coupling, and no sliding seal is required, maintenance due to seal abrasion is not necessary. In addition, the service life of the motor is increased due to minimizing the load to the motor shaft part.

The fully balanced design of Pisco’s Rotary Vacuum Pumps provides minimal vibration (approximately 1/10th the vibration of competitor models) and exceptional accuracy. Minimal vibration has another advantage: space savings. Pisco pumps can be integrated into or connected in close proximity to the equipment that they are operating. That’s because a lack of vibration from the nearby pump means that even the smallest parts can be transferred without compromising precision.

Pisco’s Rotary Vacuum Pumps generate low heat (approximately 68ºF lower than other brands) through the use of a forced air-cooling system. The absence of a rotary shaft seal results in no heat generation from sliding.

Other features of Pisco’s pumps include virtually silent noise levels (≤58 dB [50 Hz), a lightweight (23 lbs.) and compact (4.9” W x 15.6” D x 7.1” H) and low energy consumption.

The Rotary Vacuum Pump is available in an In-Line Twin Rotor model, as well as Parallel Twin Rotor, Parallel Triple Rotor and Parallel Quad Rotor models.

Applications include suction transport, vacuum chuck, vacuum packing, defoaming/deaeration, bagging and vacuum forming.

For more information, visit,  or contact PISCO USA, INC., 463 W. Wrightwood Ave., Elmhurst, IL 60126, Email:,  Phone: (630) 993-3500.

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