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Rotary Transformer Torque Sensors suit in-line testing.

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Rotary Transformer Torque Sensors suit in-line testing.

Aug 27, 2014 - Available in 3 mounting configurations and 3 rated capacities of 5, 10, and 20 K rpm, Model T261 Series is designed to meet in-line testing requirements of small motors, pumps, compressors, turbines, fans, and other fractional horsepower rated devices. Nonlinearity and hysteresis specifications are ±0.05% of rated output, and non-repeatability is ±0.02% of rated output. Constructed of SAE 4340 alloy steel with satin nickel finish, sensors feature onboard shunt circuit for remote calibration.

SensorData Technologies, Inc. - Shelby Township, MI

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SensorData Technologies Introduces Rotary Transformer Coupled Torque Sensor for Inline Testing

Press release date: Aug 21, 2014

Shelby Township, Michigan, USA – SensorData Technologies (SensorData) (, a renowned industry supplier of standard and custom force, torque, load and strain sensors, transducers and related instrumentation for automotive, aerospace, factory automation, industrial, oil & gas, and test & measurement requirements, has announced the global market introduction of the Model T261 Series.

The SensorData Model T261 Series is a family of rotary transformer coupled torque sensors, designed to meet the demanding in-line testing requirements of small motors, pumps, compressors, turbines, fans, and other fractional horsepower rated devices. Overall performance of the T261 Series offers higher stiffness and lower inertia than comparable torque sensors on the market today. Units are available in three standard rated capacities of 5K, 10K and 20K RPM, along with three unique mounting configuration options (others upon request). Rated speed of the Model 261 Series is 10K RPM, with nonlinearity and hysteresis specifications of ±0.05% of rated output. Non-repeatability is ±0.02% of rated output. Series sensors are constructed of SAE 4340 alloy steel with satin nickel finish. The T261 Series also features an onboard shunt circuit for ease of remote calibration.

As a rotary transformer torque sensor, the SensorData T261 Series requires the use of stand-alone AC strain gage signal conditioning electronics, such as the SensorData i200. SensorData will provide in-house calibration of the T261, together with customer supplied electronics, for a fee. An optional zero velocity speed is also installed inside of the sensor housing. Units are also available with two different interconnecting cable assembly options. For a detailed list of available customization options, please consult the factory.

Founded in 1992, the Detroit-based SensorData Technologies began as a supplier of fatigue rated custom torque and force sensors. Today, the company offers a wide breadth of strain gage measurement products, ranging from axial load force sensors; to multi-axis and multi-component force sensors that can measure both force and torque simultaneously; to non-rotating reaction torque sensors, rotating transformer and slip ring coupled torque sensors. SensorData also recently introduced a patented, industry exclusive Bluetooth Wireless coupled rotary flange drive torque sensor with a 915 Mz wireless telemetry and strain gage sensor system, known as the BT4000 Series. The BT4000 remains the only torque measurement device on the market today that offers high-reliability torque sensing within excessive vibration environments.

For additional details, specifications, drawings or pricing information, please contact SensorData Technologies at +1.586.739.4254, via email at, or visit