Rotary Torque Sensor is suited for testing aerospace parts.

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Series 4115K uses non-contact, rotary transformers for sending excitation voltage to and receiving measurement signals from strain gauge instrumented rotating sensor element. Flange and splined shaft design conforms to AND 10262/20002, making these transducers suited for torque studies on aerospace hydraulic motors and pumps. Other applications include dynamometers, drive shafts, transmissions, fans, and electric motors. Optional pickup provides output proportional to speed.

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PCB Piezotronics Announces New Rotary Torque Sensors

Sensors Designed For Aircraft Hydraulic Pump Durability Testing

Depew, NY - PCB Piezotronics, Inc., a global leader in vibration, acoustic, pressure, force, and torque sensors, is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Series 4115K Rotary Torque Transducer. Provided by PCB Load & Torque, Inc., a PCB Group Company, these transducers use non-contact, rotary transformers for sending excitation voltage to, and receiving measurement signals from, the strain gage instrumented rotating sensor element. Their unique flange and splined shaft design, which conforms to AND 10262 & 20002, makes these units ideal for use in torque studies on aerospace hydraulic motors and pumps. Other applications include dynamometers, drive shafts, transmissions, fans, and electric motors.

In addition to the torque output signal, an optional pickup provides an output proportional to speed. These units feature high torsional stiffness and low rotating inertia. Models are available with several measurement ranges and speeds up to 15,000 rpm.

For technical information please contact Bob Metz, Product Manager at (866) 816-8892 or via email at

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