Rotary Shaft Seals handle extreme operating conditions.

Press Release Summary:

ROTAFLON(TM) seals handle high surface speed, high temperature, high pressure, and insufficient lubrication. Series MC has polymer seal lip with or without embedded spring energizer. Series RB offers polymer sealing surface bonded to elastomeric seal lip. Seals are chemical resistant and handle surface speed up to 5900 ft/min and temperature range of -58 to +500°F.

Original Press Release:

Rotary Shaft Seals for Extreme Operating Conditions

A new series of seals is being introduced for high-intensity, operating conditions that previously eliminated the successful use of most elastomeric type seals for rotating shafts. High surface speed, high temperature and/or high pressure or insufficient lubrication are some of the extreme operating conditions that the new seals are engineered to meet. ROTAFLON(TM) is the name of the new seal series being introduced by American High Performance Seals, Inc.

ROTAFLON(TM) seals are available in two main series: MC - a polymer seal lip with or without an embedded spring energizer. RB - a polymer sealing surface bonded to an elastomeric seal lip.
Specifications listed for the new series include Surface speed up to 5900 ft/min (30m/s), Temperature range -58°F to +500°F (-50°C to +260°C), good chemical resistance and suitability for operation with poor lubrication.

American High Performance Seals, Inc. engineers claim to have walked the narrow, often conflicting line, in developing an elastomeric seal with frictional contact high enough for the best sealing qualities and yet not as high to inhibit or produce excessive heat and wear on rotating shafts under rigorous operating conditions. The engineers said their new seals were designed for the toughest environments in applications such as: Gearboxes, compressors, mixers and dryers, presses, vacuum pumps, hydraulic motors, alternators and generators, crankshafts drilling spindles and multiple heavy-duty appliance, mining, material handling or metal fabrication needs.

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