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Rotary Airlock Valves are designed for reduced material buildup.

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Rotary Airlock Valves are designed for reduced material buildup.

Oct 25, 2012 - Designed for sanitary applications, Run-Clean™ Series has angled surfaces and rounded edges inside 304 or 316 stainless steel housing that eliminate dead zones while promoting material flow. Internal surface coatings (tungsten and hard chrome) prevent surface wear imperfections, while glandless, sleeve-style shaft seals prevent contaminant migration into housing. RotorRail™ feature enables full validation access to rotor and all internal surfaces of housing without disassembly of endplate.

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Run-Clean Rotary Valve Design Reduces Material Buildup Left In Valve after Operation; Shortens Cleaning Times, Ensures More Thorough Cleaning, and Speeds Return to Service

Press release date: Oct 18, 2012

CALEDONIA, Ontario, Canada – ACS Valves. Designed specifically for sanitary applications, such as food processing, pharmaceutical processing, and chemical or plastics applications, the Run-Clean™ Series of rotary airlock valves are designed with multiple features that reduce material buildup inside the valve housing that can occur during operation. These features include: [i] angled surfaces and rounded edges inside the housing to eliminate dead zones and ensure optimal material flow; [ii] factory-applied internal surface coatings, such as tungsten, to prevent surface wear imperfections where material can buildup; [iii] glandless, sleeve-style shaft seals that prevent contaminant migration into the housing; and [iv] stainless steel housings cast in North America to ensure superior strength in the composition and solidification of the housing’s metallurgy. The stainless steel housings are then CNC-machined to precise tolerances; and, with internal surfaces polished to a No. 4 finish, the ACS Valves design eliminates internal crevices and joints, common with conventional cast housings and bolt-together designs, where contaminants can accumulate.

By reducing the accumulation of material inside the valve during operation, the ACS Valves Run-Clean™ Series reduces total time for cleaning, validation, and inspection of the valve, and therefore, speeds the return to service of the valve. And, whether cleaning for maintenance or material changeover, the ACS Valves Run-Clean Series also includes the ACS RotorRail™ feature that enables full validation access to the rotor and all internal surfaces of the housing without time-consuming disassembly of the endplate, or the concern for accurate rotor re-alignment during re-assembly.

The ACS Run-Clean™ Series rotary airlock valves are available in 304 or 316 stainless steel, in sizes from 6 inches to 18 inches, with pressure differentials up to 20 PSIG, and temperature tolerance up to 750ºF. Rotor configurations include: closed-end, metering, shallow-pocket, Teflon®-coated, and adjustable-tip. Adjustable rotor tips are available in stainless steel, hardened steel, or bronze. Interior surface coating options include: tungsten and hard chrome.

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