Rotary Actuators feature single-stage reduction gear unit.

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Hollow Shaft Series DG is available in 2.36, 3.35, and 5.12 in. sizes with permissible torque of 7.9, 24, and 106 lb-in., respectively. Output table permits user to directly couple to application load. Gear reduction mechanism achieves repeatability of ±15 arc-sec and total backlash of less than 2 min. Maximum speed is 200 rpm or 250 KHz input frequency, depending on resolution setting.

Original Press Release:

New DG Series Hollow Shaft Rotary Actuators

Torrance, CA - Oriental Motor USA Corp. announces the new hollow (through hole) shaft precision rotary actuators. They are available in 3 convenient sizes, the 60mm (2.36"), the 85mm (3.35"), and the 130mm (5.12"). The output table of the DG Series rotary actuator permits the user to directly couple to the application load. A single stage reduction gear mechanism increases the diameter of the driven gear in the output table that enables a large through hole configuration.

The gear reduction mechanism achieves a repeatability of ±15 arc-seconds and a total lost motion (backlash) of less than 2 minutes. The 60mm (2.36") rotary actuator achieves a permissible torque of 7.9 Ib-in. The 85mm (3.35") and 130mm (5.12") high rigidity models develop a permissible torque of 24 lb-in and 106 lb-in respectively. Maximum permissible speed is 200 revolutions-per-minute (rpm) or 250 KHz input frequency, depending on the resolution setting.

The drive motor for the Oriental Motor DG Series is the (alpha)Step step motor with integral rotor position detection sensor. The patented technology results in a faster positioning time. For more information please call (800) 406-7484, ext 839, or visit our Web site at

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