ROSTA® Ingenuity Impresses Powder and Bulk Processors

Rosta AB Oscillating Mounts from Lovejoy, Inc. Increase Processing Efficiency

DOWNERS GROVE, IL - July 18, 2006 -ROSTA® AB Oscillating Mounts exhibited by Lovejoy, Inc. proved to be a hit with show attendees and exhibitors alike at the International Powder and Bulk Solids Conference and Exhibition this past May in Rosemont, Illinois.
Lovejoy, Inc., showcased the ROSTA mounts in addition to Lovejoy's own Disc, Gear and Jaw-type couplings for powder and bulk manufacturers, processors and equipment suppliers. Lovejoy also displayed ROSTA motor brackets and chain tensioners to provide better control and reduce the time devoted to machinery that requires extensive pre-tensioning.

In powder and bulk manufacture, which typically involves multiple layers of sifting and sorting of bulk goods, the type of equipment utilized is commonly supported by a spring system in order to facilitate screen vibration. Yet the weight and the movement create a high level of stress that can damage capital equipment, create safety hazards and shorten the lifespan of critical components necessary for efficient manufacture.
Expertly engineered, the ROSTA AB oscillating mounting system gives the operator greater control over the movement in the sifters as well as dampening and lessening sound and excess vibration. The equipment outlasts spring-based systems by years, providing in some cases decades of trouble-free performance. In addition, while the cost for a spring alone might appeal to industries where budget-consciousness is a must, the charges mount rapidly when adding in the necessary safety devices, extra components and dampening features required for a spring-type suspension system. In comparison, the ROSTA® suspension system, with its superior performance and long-life, pays for itself in short time.

The ROSTA AB consists of two metal squares separated by four cylindrical elastomeric elements, preventing metal-to-metal friction. The elastomeric elements in the design transmit the oscillations of any system, while they dampen vibration, shock and noise. The ROSTA mounts require no lubrication and no maintenance. The system is easily adapted to conventional screens, or many major manufacturers can supply new screens with the ROSTA suspension system built-in to the frame.

The AB mounts provide years of trouble-free operation. The amount of control possible with a ROSTA suspension system helps operators reduce the peak transmitted forces, with considerable savings obtained due to the longer life of side plates, frames, bearings and v-belts.

Rich Kasprczyk, sales expert for ROSTA products in the United States, said, "At the show, quite a few processors who use coil springs came to us with specific problems that the AB-style ROSTA mount can help solve."

One food company in particular needs to increase the amplitude or height for their current screens to toss a product into the air for sifting. "We're already testing AB mounts on their line and we will be able to help make the line more efficient and accomplish the customer's objective within the same space or footprint he is using now," said Kasprczyk. "The AB mounts create far less stress on the structure, have a higher safety factor and greater efficiency."

To tap into greater efficiency in a shaker screen or bulk powder application, visit the Lovejoy Web site at, or call the corporate offices at the number listed below. Lovejoy, Inc. is certified under the ISO-9001:2000 International Standards for Quality Management. Lovejoy, Inc., corporate offices are at 2655 Wisconsin Ave., Downers Grove, IL, 60515, USA. Phone 630-852-0500; fax 630-852-2120; e-mail inquiries

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