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NewEdge modules are available in 2 types: NewEdge CS5A-180/185/190/195/200MX, which uses 5 in. monocrystalline silicon, and NewEdge CS6P-220/230/240/250PX, which uses 6 in. polycrystalline silicon. All versions work with Zep roof-mounting System, as well as other existing mounting systems, which accelerates photovoltaic (PV) solar system installations on residential roofs. Modules also work with Zep Solar's rail-free, auto-grounding system.

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Canadian Solar Releases NewEdge Roof-Mounting Solar Panels in USA

The NewEdge Panels with New Zep System(TM) Radically Reduce Installation Time and Costs

SAN RAMON, Calif. -- Canadian Solar (USA) Inc., a subsidiary of Canadian Solar Inc. ("the Company," "Canadian Solar" or "we") (NASDAQ:CSIQ) today announced the launch of its NewEdge solar panels, which are compatible with the new Zep roof-mounting System, as well as several other existing mounting systems. The NewEdge panels will provide one of the solar industry's fastest and most cost effective ways to install photovoltaic (PV) solar systems on residential roofs. The NewEdge modules with Zep Solar's breakthrough rail-free, auto-grounding system could slash residential installation costs in half and reduce the amount of time installers spend on a roof by 75 percent. The NewEdge modules come in two types, NewEdge CS5A-180/185/190/195/200MX, which uses 5" monocrystalline silicon, and NewEdge CS6P-220/230/240/250PX, which uses 6" polycrystalline silicon. PV systems with NewEdge panels yield significant financial, labor and performance improvements when compared to traditional roof-mounted solar systems.

The Zep System offers one of the solar industry's most robust methods for grounding PV solar arrays; the system is ETL-listed to UL 1703 and UL 467, thus assuring proper grounding for the life of the system. Together with Canadian Solar's NewEdge panels, consistently ranked among the highest- performing in independent third-party tests, installers can be assured that the solar system installation will not only be cost-effective, but will also produce at the top of the module performance range. Canadian Solar's CS6P and CS5A modules lead in PV USA (or PTC) ratings, which are quickly becoming universally accepted standards for real-world module power and performance.

Canadian Solar is the first solar panel manufacturer to provide the Zep Compatible NewEdge panels, and we're looking forward to offering installers this high quality and forward-thinking solar technology," said Mike Miskovsky, general manager of U.S. operations for Canadian Solar. "The Zep System represents a turnaround in standard installation practices and hardware. Canadian Solar is building on our market leadership and reputation for high quality products by coupling our high performance modules with this leading next-generation installation technology."

"Since solar panel prices have decreased over the past several years, solar installation labor costs are becoming increasingly significant, underscoring the need for an ultra fast way to safely install and ground solar arrays," said Jack West, CEO and CTO of Zep Solar. "Given the game-changing possibilities of the Zep platform, it fits to have partnered with a company as forward-thinking as Canadian Solar for our initial release. We are pleased with the quality of their products and the strength of their organization."


Canadian Solar's NewEdge modules CS6P-220/230/240/250PX and CS5A- 180/185/190/195/200MX with Zep Compatible System will be available for order through reseller partner groSolar in April 2010. Zep will be offering a commercial rooftop system with Canadian Solar NewEdge panels in July 2010.

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