Romaco at FCE Pharma 2011

Flexible solutions meet versatile applications

At this year's FCE Pharma in São Paulo/Brazil, the Romaco Group will show highlights from its Packaging and Processing sectors.

Karlsruhe/Germany, 13.04.2011. The compact Noack DPN 760 blister packaging machine unites high system availability with excellent value for money. MZ toothed colloid mills from FrymaKoruma offer efficient processes for highest product quality. The tablet and capsule counting machine Bosspak RTC 15 is equipped with the unique Quad-Count optical matrix counting system.

The Romaco products will be on show at FCE Pharma in São Paulo/Brazil from May 24 to 26, 2011, booth 700.

Noack DPN 760: flexibility as a basic principle
Romaco's blister packaging machine Noack DPN 760, just short of three meters long, is the solution of choice for the production of small batch sizes. Owing to its modular structure, the compact machine adapts flexibly to changing production requirements. Quick retooling and easy cleaning are a must when frequent product changeovers are involved. Format parts can be fitted without using tools. A servo-controlled main drive assures reliable and precise packaging processes. If desired, a Romaco Promatic intermittent motion cartoner can be installed downstream of the system.

The Noack DPN 760 blister packaging machine produces a wide range of products - from pharmaceutical solids such as tablets, capsules and oblongs to ampoules, syringes and numerous medical devices. On the intermittent motion machine with platen sealing it is also possible to produce multiproduct packages in a variety of sizes and formats. The system processes all sealable foil types and boasts a maximum forming depth of 24 millimeters.

FrymaKoruma MZ toothed colloid mill: selective grinding
The toothed colloid mills in the FrymaKoruma MZ series are used for wet grinding liquid to highly viscous pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods and chemicals. These products are ground according to the rotor-stator principle: all ingredients are pumped through the steplessly adjustable, conical grinding gap between the rotor and the stator. The rotor revolves inside the ringshaped stator at speeds that can peak at up to 50 meters per second. Coarse, standard or cross-toothed grinding heads can be supplied. Emulsion droplets with a diameter of one micron can be achieved in this way. The resulting product throughput with FrymaKoruma MZ industrial mills regularly reaches 40,000 liters per hour.

Bosspak RTC 15: unique counting technology
The tablet and capsule counting machine Bosspak RTC 15 offers the highest precision in counting and filling of pharmaceutical solids, such as tablets, capsules, coated tablets, suppositories or soft gelatin capsules. The patented Quad-Count optical matrix counting system detects the applications from four sides, which significantly expands the counting zone. In addition, the counting head reliably identifies defective products, which are continuously sorted out. The applications arrive at the counting machine on a rotating sorting disc via a filling funnel, which then sorts and classifies them using a unique process. After they are separated, the individual pharmaceuticals are filled into bottles.

Romaco Group
Romaco is a leading global supplier of processing and packaging equipment. Divided into two business areas for Processing and Packaging, the company develops system solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and chemical industries. The engineering specialist, headquartered in Karlsruhe (Germany), operates from four European locations with seven brands spanning multiple industries: the Bosspak, Noack and Siebler product lines are located in Karlsruhe, while the packaging brands Macofar, Promatic and Unipac are manufactured in Bologna (Italy). The Processing sector, represented by FrymaKoruma, resides at two sites in Neuenburg (Germany) and Rheinfelden (Switzerland). The product range of this single-source supplier includes primary and secondary packaging, sterile liquid and powder filling, process technology and wet grinding. More than 50,000 machines built by Romaco are currently in action in more than 130 countries around the globe. Some 450 staff support and supply to customers all over the world.

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