Rolling of Strip and Coil

Source 21 uses modern rolling techniques to reduce the gauge (thickness) of stainless steel coil sheet to your specifications. Their rolling process produces high quality stainless steel with a consistent gauge to prevent weak spots or deformation.

Additionally, they offer temper rolling of stainless steel coil and strip. When drawn or formed, many steels will exhibit unwanted strain lines. Temper rolling of stainless steel coil and strip is a light pass given to annealed cold rolled strip to prevent the formation of kinks and stretcher strain markings on subsequent cold working. Temper rolling involves a small amount of cold roll reduction as a final operation on annealed material to eliminate stretcher strains. This process is sometimes used to improve the surface finish on a steel product. It is also know as pinch pass and skin pass.

· from .001" -to- .250"

· "Z-mill yolerances"

· all tempers

· commercial & exotic grades

Source 21, Inc.® is an ISO certified domestic producer and processor of stainless steel coil and strip. They have very specialized capabilities that are sure to match your needs. To ensure conformance to rigid specifications, their highly specialized capabilites include slitting, edging, temper-rolling, tight tolerance gauge controlling, cut-to-length, polishing and protective coating.

Source 21, Inc.

Tel. 631-821-1101

fax. 631-821-4590

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Sound Beach, NY 11780

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