Roller Retrofit Components eliminate jams.

Press Release Summary:

EZ Roller Retrofit Radius Component Set helps transform roller curves into modular plastic belt systems. Drop-in components bolt onto existing roller conveyor and provide carryway and returnway for Series 2200 and 2400 radius belts. Round drainage holes in steel base remove spillage, reducing chance of case damage. Low-friction wearstrip material on curve's inside edge reduces wear in area of highest friction.

Original Press Release:

Intralox Upgrade Simplifies the Roller Retrofits that Eliminate Jams and Downtime

Intralox's upgraded EZ Roller Retrofit Radius Component set is key to helping plants get rid of the jams, downtime, and other costly problems that afflict powered roller curves. Specifically, the new set makes it easier and more economical to transform problematic roller curves into reliable, long-lasting
modular plastic belt systems:

o Drop-in component set easily bolts onto existing roller conveyor.
o Set provides a carryway and returnway for our Series 2200 and 2400 Radius belts.
o Plastic wearstrip is conveniently pre-attached to a durable steel base.
o Round drainage holes in steel base remove spillage, reducing the chance of case damage.
o Special low-friction wearstrip material on the curve's inside edge reduces wear in the area of highest friction. Easy and inexpensive to replace should wear eventually occur.
o Custom manufactured to curve dimensions.

The Intralox belts installed over the components eliminate conveyor-related production delays, unscheduled maintenance, case damage, and noise. Further, Intralox's newly available Series 2400 Raised Rib belt simplifies retrofits of roller conveyor curves because it eliminates the need for tight,
unforgiving radius measurements: the tall interior deck allows a variety of packages and containers to overhang the belt edges and side wearstrip without risking disorientation. That means plants retrofitting roller curves can be confident that Intralox's EZ Roller Retrofit Radius Components and Series 2400
Raised Rib belt will fit existing roller curves and provide the necessary clearance.

To date, plants in industries like Fruit & Vegetable, Meat, Poultry, Tissue Converting, Beverage/Brewery, and Consumer Goods have recaptured tens of thousands of dollars annually after
switching from powered rollers to Intralox systems, and they typically report payback periods of a year or less.

Intralox invented modular plastic belting (MPB) over 30 years ago and remains the world's largest exclusive supplier of MPB. Intralox is also the only MPB company to offer written, money-back guarantees for belt performance. For more information on Intralox EZ Roller Retrofit solutions, please call Intralox Customer Service at 1-888-387-2358 or visit

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