Rohde & Schwarz Test Receivers Detect Unwanted Cable Network Emissions

Radiated emissions from the cable TV infrastructure can cause interference in cellular LTE networks. The R&S EFL110 and R&S EFL210 cable TV analyzer and leakage detectors detect these electromagnetic emissions quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.    

Munich — Using the R&S EFL110 and R&S EFL210 portable TV test receivers, cable TV network operators can now locate the loose connections or damaged shielding that can generate unwanted emissions in the UHF frequency range. If left unaddressed, these emissions can cause interference in the LTE network. The receivers are ideal for field use. They are lightweight, robust and easy to operate, and the lithium-ion battery supplies power for more than four hours of operation.   

The new test receivers use FFT analysis to monitor the spectrum. The spectrogram display detects even sporadic interferences. And, the test receivers can also be operated as spectrum analyzers.   


Another advantage of the R&S EFL110/210 cable TV analyzer and leakage detector is unprecedented sensitivity in its class. It is even possible to verify compliance with the strict limits defined by the US FCC regulatory authority. The new test receivers are capable of finding weak sporadic interference. For evaluating faults in the US cable TV network, the R&S EFL210 has been equipped with an additional test receiver that supports the J.83/B and NTSC cable TV standards. The user can immediately determine whether a cable TV signal is the source of interference.   

To be practical, field measurements must be fast and simple. Both of the new Rohde & Schwarz test receivers support these requirements in many respects. The clearly arranged, ergonomic keypad allows intuitive operation, the Scan & Log and Macro Measurement functions largely automate frequent measurement tasks, and pre-installed channel tables eliminate the need for time consuming data entry. The R&S EFL-Suite software that comes with the receiver transmits the measurement results to a PC.  

Cost is also a major factor. Other systems can be complex and expensive and often require a great deal of effort to install them in the cable headend's existing infrastructure. The portable Rohde & Schwarz test receivers, on the other hand, are a simple and cost-effective solution.   

The R&S EFL110 and R&S EFL210 cable TV analyzer and leakage detectors plus a VHF/UHF directional antenna are now available from Rohde & Schwarz.   

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