Rod Guides minimize tubing wear for extended tubing life.

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Era® Rod Guides take wellbore deviations, dynamometer readings, workover histories, well operating conditions, and production data into consideration for proper selection of guide design, material, and spacing for each well. Designed to reduce maintenance and provide solutions for down-hole tubing wear, products are also available in following types: High Performance, Classic, Rotating, and Field-Installed Rod Guides.

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New Era® Rod Guides Provide Solutions for Tubing Wear

Willis, Texas - R&M Energy Systems offers New Era® Rod Guides to reduce maintenance costs and provide solutions for down-hole tubing wear. Using proprietary Rod Guide Advisory Program (RGAP(TM)) software and years of well monitoring and performance tracking, R&M Energy Systems recommends rod guide design, material, spacing and auxiliary equipment for beam and progressing cavity pump applications. Wellbore deviations, dynamometer readings, workover histories, well operating conditions, completion information and production data, are all used to properly select New Era rod guide design, material and spacing for each well.

Proper use of rod guides can offer greater rod and tubing service life, decreased workover costs and reduced downtime. R&M Energy Systems has developed scientific solutions to tubing wear based on extensive engineering, laboratory testing and over 50 years of field experience.

R&M Energy Systems is a leader in rod guide technology offering:
· High Performance Rod Guides
· Classic Rod Guides
· Rotating Rod Guides
· Field-Installed Rod Guides

R&M Energy Systems manufactures and markets a wide variety of products for use in the discovery and recovery segments of the oil and gas industry. R&M Energy Systems' products include the following: Hamer® Line Blinds; Hercules® Wellheads, Valves, Stuffing Boxes, and artificial lift accessories; Magnum® Needle Valves; standard and customized MoynoÃ’ Down-Hole Pumps; Guardian(TM) Variable Speed Drives and Guardian(TM) Sucker-Rod Pump Controllers (SRP(TM)); Moyno® and MoynoÃ’ ERT(TM) Power Sections; New Era® Rod Guides; Resun® Plug Valves; RODEC(TM) Tubing Rotators, artificial lift accessories and down-hole tools; StayTite® Swing Joints; Yale® Closures and Hammer Unions; and SENTRY® Closures. With facilities in the U.S., Belgium, Venezuela and Canada, R&M Energy Systems readily serves customers worldwide.

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