Rocky Mountain Tracking Adds CDMA Products and Services to Its Existing Offering

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Rocky Mountain Tracking (RMT) announces addition of new GPS tracking devices which utilize CDMA cellular data networks in addition to its existing GSM based devices.

CDMA coverage has steadily grown within North America during the last decade and is sometimes available in places where GSM networks don't currently provide coverage.  "Adding support for CDMA based devices allows us to offer our customers a choice of cellular provider based on their operational needs," says Brad Borst, the company's President.

"We've worked with our existing manufacturing and cellular service partners with the goal of being able to let our customers mix and match GSM and CDMA based devices into their fleet tracking strategy.  The new CDMA devices look the same and function almost identically to their GSM counterparts," says Borst.  "CDMA devices will appeal to our customers operating in more remote locations within the United States while GSM continues to be a good option in metro areas and abroad."

About Rocky Mountain Tracking:

Rocky Mountain Tracking is a national GPS tracking device supplier and service provider. Its exclusive NavIQ software gives customers the extremely accurate information when they need it, where they need it. For more information about Rocky Mountain Tracking and its new Informer OBD fleet tracking device or its GPS fleet monitoring software, visit or call (888) 242-0500.

CONTACT: Brad Borst,, 970-207-1023

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