Robot Powder Applicator suits automotive applications.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for automotive exterior and interior cut-in applications, RPA-1 powder gun provides bell-like performance features such as uniform film build and transfer efficiency. It atomizes with no moving parts and simplifies automation controls while minimizing number of robots and atomizers. Simplified design eliminates rotating parts and eliminates defects caused from impact fusion.

Original Press Release:

State of Art Powder Applicator

ITW Gema's RPA-1 Robot Powder Applicator is the newest, most technically advanced powder applicator specifically designed for automotive exterior and interior cut-in applications. The RPA-1 provides bell-like performance features including uniform film build and high transfer efficiency, but it's a powder gun with added system flexibility and other benefits.

The RPA-1 produces a bigger spray pattern than any other powder gun, plus it delivers twice the coating capacity-coating more square feet per minute-than any other bell or gun. The RPA-1 simplifies automation controls and reduces overall system costs due to high powder flow capacity. The RPA-1 also allows for a reduction in the number of robots and atomizers.

The RPA-1 also improves productivity due to a simplified design that eliminates rotating parts. The RPA-l atomizes with no moving parts. Also, defect caused from impact fusion is eliminated. The RPA-1 enhances the bottom line by increasing powder line capacity and reducing maintenance costs.

ITW Automotive Finishing, an Illinois Tool Works Company, offers a variety of finishing products and systems, including electrostatic systems, electrostatic HVLP systems, automatic spray guns, disks and bells, gun reciprocators, closed-loop fluid control systems, and system parts and accessories. Harold Ransburg first experimented with paint charging and surface grounding technologies in the 1930s, and patented the revolutionary electrostatic finishing process in 1941. Today, ITW Automotive Finishing remains an industry innovator and serves the global liquid electrostatic spray-finishing marketplace from their headquarters in Toledo, Ohio.

To request a photo or full-color brochure on our RPA-1, write ITW Automotive Finishing at 320 Phillips Ave., Toledo, OH 43612. You may also call ITW Automotive Finishing at 1-800-909-6886 or fax in your request to 1-800-949-6886.

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