Riveting Alliance - Orbitform Group and Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet

Orbitform is pleased to announce a new alliance with Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet of Farmington Hills, Michigan. Jay-Cee is the nation's largest in-stock supplier of rivets and special fasteners with over 60 years experience.

Jay-Cee offers all sizes and types of rivets including solid and semi-tubular rivets, blind rivets, rivet nuts and threaded inserts. With literally millions of rivets on hand for immediate shipment Jay-Cee prides itself on filling orders, regardless of variety, size, or material, faster than anyone in the industry.

Combining Orbitform's expertise in the engineering and design and riveting machines with Jay-Cee's leadership in rivet intelligence, the alliance will benefit any manufacturer who needs impact riveting and orbital riveting assembly automation systems. Additionally, clients of the Orbitform Applications Lab will benefit from the custom prototype part and rivet design capabilities that the combined resources now offer.

The Orbitform Group is a leading manufacturer of riveting machines and assembly automation equipment with over 80 years experience manufacturing orbital and impact riveters, palletized conveyors, weld automation machines, and process monitoring and process control systems.

Orbitform has the world's broadest range of application experience and expertise, offering free analysis to assembly challenges. We encourage manufacturers to send troubled parts to our fastening and assembly team for a no obligation expert opinion.

For further information on Orbitform please call 1-800-957-4838 www.orbitform.com
For further information on Jay-Cee please call 1-800-521-6777 www.rivetsinstock.com

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