RISCO Group Combines Innovative Products with Systems Approach

Detection And Communication Technologies Connect Into Open-Architecture Systems.

Las Vegas, NV - RISCO Group, Inc. is exhibiting a range of products at
ISC West 2010 that reflect the company's vision for integrated security systems, including diverse technology innovations to boost functionality, reliability and performance. On display at the show are RISCO Group, Inc.'s unique and highly accurate detection technologies, dependable primary and backup communications systems, an integrated security system that incorporates a responsive touchscreen keypad, and a simplified and completely integrated site management system to provide flexibility for customized implementation.

"The common element in the products we are exhibiting at ISC West is that each one
offers something extra - added benefits or functionality - that you won't see in
competitors' offerings," said Len Friedman, President and CEO, RISCO Group, Inc. "Our
approach begins with developing ideas to solve specific needs in the market, whether it's lowering false alarms or building an integrated system with an easy-to-use interface. Visitors to ISC West can be sure they will see something at the RISCO Group, Inc. booth that they won't see anywhere else."

Here are some of the innovative RISCO Group, Inc. offerings on display at ISC West:

o ProSYS(TM) Integrated Security System, an ideal system for protecting remote sites
using dual-path IP and GSM/GPRS communications, offering Remote Control and
Diagnostics of Bus Detectors and Auto-Install Technology. The Touchscreen Keypad
incorporates an elegant, low-profile design and responsive glass screen to provide
an intuitive, menu-driven interface.

o SynopSYS(TM) Integrated Security and Building Management System, providing
simplified and completely integrated site management to combine security, fire
detection, video monitoring, access control, HVAC and other building automation
systems into a single, customizable management platform. SynopSYS uses open
architecture and industry standards for straightforward integration.

o WatchOUT(TM) eXtreme Reliable Outdoor Intrusion Detector, featuring two
microwave and two PIR detection channels with Sway Recognition technology to
distinguish objects such as moving bushes and trees that would trigger traditional
intruder detection systems. Active IR Anti-Mask detects any masking of the lens
(by vandals) or other impediment to viewing.

o Industrial LuNAR(TM) Addressable Dual-Technology Ceiling-Mount Intrusion Detector,
which combines detection accuracy with false alarm immunity and can be
installed up to 28 feet high for applications in warehouses or with high ceilings. Now
UL Listed for Commercial Use, Industrial LuNAR can operate in extreme
temperatures and has three independently adjustable photo infrared (PIR)
channels and a microwave channel for customized coverage.

o AGM Universal Module, designed to function as a primary or back-up cellular
communicator for any manufacturer's alarm panels with dialers, or as a standalone
mini-control panel with integral GSM communications. Reporting is available for up
to three central stations via the GSM voice channel or with encryption via the GPR
or SMS channels in conjunction with RISCO Group, Inc.'s IP/GSM Receiver Software
at the central station.

o Agility Flexible Two-Way Wireless Solution, providing security, safety and home
automation incorporating two-way wireless technology with stylish design and
unrivaled simplicity. The installer may choose among IP, GSM/GPRS or fast PSTN
communication modules, all built into the main enclosure. A unique two-way
remote control provides PIN code protection and status display. A range of safety,
security and home automation accessories can be combined in the same

Although RISCO Group, Inc. was launched in September of 2008, their parent company,
RISCO Group, Ltd., has been manufacturing quality security products for three decades,
sold previously in the United States for 20 years under the name Rokonet Industries. RISCO Group, Inc. has expanded those product offerings with a focus on integrated system solutions.

For more information, call 631-719-4400, visit www.riscogroup.com, or e-mail
[email protected].

About RISCO Group, Inc.

RISCO Group, Inc. creates IP based integrated security solutions for the global security market. From software solutions to high-performance wired and wireless integrated systems, the company develops products matching customers' requirements and industry standards. RISCO Group, Inc.'s solutions for buildings and control rooms, sophisticated detector technology, intrusion, video and access control systems are found in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications around the world. For more information please visit: www.riscogroup.com.

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