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ONYX® ProductionHouse(TM), PosterShop®, and RipCenter(TM) version X10.2 software adds gray color replacement plus tool to black generation technology, which maintains smoothness in highlights and mid-tones. Packages allow users to replace name spot colors with device's user-defined ink combinations, allowing them to work with specialty inks. Prepress-to-production handoff is streamlined by software's ability to honor individual page sizes in PDF documents, requiring no manual adjustments.

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ONYX Graphics Announces Version X10.2 Production RIP Software

SALT LAKE CITY -- ONYX Graphics, Inc. today announced version X10.2 of its market-leading production RIP products: ONYX® ProductionHouse(TM), ONYX PosterShop® and ONYX RipCenter(TM). Version X10.2 software include new features that can help reduce ink usage, optimize color handling and reduce manual intervention, thereby improving the workflow.

Color technology enhancements in ONYX ProductionHouse version X10.2 software

Version X10.2 software adds the GCR (Gray Color Replacement) Plus tool to ONYX PowerChroma(TM) black generation technology in ONYX ProductionHouse software. The GCR Plus tool maintains smoothness in highlights and mid-tones, while saving ink in shadow areas. Users can save up to 30 percent in ink usage without sacrificing output quality[1].

Also available for ONYX ProductionHouse software is a new Vivid Color gamut mapping tool, an option that enables users to build profiles with brighter tone mapping, resulting in more colorful prints. This feature works particularly well to help brighten output when using mid- to low-gamut ink and media combinations.

Overall color improvements

For all version X10.2 software packages, users will see an improved balance in three-color (CMY) gray output as well as improvements to CMYKOG and CMYKRGB separations.

Better spot color control is also included for all version X10.2 software packages giving users the ability to replace name spot colors with device user-defined ink combinations. This feature enables users to take full advantage of new printers with specialty inks, giving them the ability to deliver unique and high-impact images to their clients. Production efficiency is increased through the ability to automate user-defined color replacement simply by defining the Color Filter within the preflight function [now called Job Editor] and adding it to a Quick Set. All files that are processed through that Quick Set will automatically be adjusted with no further operator intervention.

Improved multi-page PDF file handling

The ability to manage multi-page PDF print jobs was introduced in version X10.1 software packages. Improvements in all version X10.2 software packages include the ability to process multiple pages at one time (when more than one RIP license is present), which can help increase production efficiency. The prepress-to-production handoff is also streamlined by the software's ability to honor individual page sizes in PDF documents, requiring no further manual adjustments.

Automated sizing now available in Quick Sets

Also added for all version X10.2 software packages is a Reduce Size to Fit feature that automates the workflow in the Quick Sets module. By setting workflows to automatically size-to-fit media or to a specified magnification, operator intervention is reduced or eliminated, improving throughput and decreasing potential manual errors that lead to re-runs.

Upgrade available free to ONYX Advantage and ONYX Premium service agreement holders

The ONYX Advantage(TM) and ONYX Premium(TM) software agreements are designed to give ONYX PosterShop( )and ONYX ProductionHouse software users an easy way to keep their software up-to-date. These ONYX Service packages provide product upgrades, new printer drivers and automatic disk updates. Current ONYX Advantage and ONYX Premium service agreement holders can obtain this version X10.2 for ONYX ProductionHouse and ONYX PosterShop software now by contacting and requesting a key update. To purchase an ONYX Advantage or ONYX Premium service agreement, customers should visit

For customers without an ONYX Advantage or ONYX Premium service agreement and for ONYX RipCenter software users, the upgrade will be available for purchase beginning in early May 2012. Customers should contact an authorized ONYX Graphics reseller or go to to find a list of authorized resellers.

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[1] Based on printing "Proof_Quality_Test_Page" file using three different settings and measuring ink usage; results available from ONYX Graphics.

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