Rino's PEEK(TM) Screws Are Top of the Range

Rino Industries Ltd has introduced an innovative range of screws into their newly launched fasteners range of mechanical drive components. PEEK(TM) material is a super-engineering thermoplastic excellent for its special physical and chemical characteristics, the company states.

Several different types of fasteners are available which range from cross recessed pan and flat head screws, hexagon bolts, socket head cap screws, hexagon socket set screws, hexagon nuts, washers, spacer nuts and hexagon socket head taper screw plugs.

PEEK(TM) is short for polyetheretherketone and is light brown in colour. It has many advantages which include excellent chemical resistance, impenetrable by most chemicals with the exception of concentrated sulphuric acid. Excellent thermal and water resistant characteristics also help maintain high heat resistance strength. Abrasion, shock and fatigue resistance as well as radiation and electrical properties are all listed by the company as advantageous features. Its heat resistant temperature of 180ºC makes it most useful for hot water and chemical pumps.

Other ideal applications include electric/electronic field applications, transformers and computer machinery, chemical resistant environments such as FPD (flat panel display) and semiconductor production equipment/devices, printed circuit board etching devices, metal plating equipment and chemical plants.

Website: www.rino.co.uk

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