Rigid Chain incorporates non-magnetic actuator.

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Made of reinforced plastic and stainless steel, RigiBelt has 2 belts that come together with zipper-like action to form rigid column. Solution moves quietly while telescoping in and out and is stored in compact magazine. Driven with electric motor, chain can handle loads from 2-1,100 lbf, is entirely mechanical, and comes in stroke lengths up to 6 ft unguided. Product suits any kind of positioning in medical equipment and areas where non-magnetic components are essential.

Original Press Release:

Serapid Introduces Non-Magnetic Rigid Chain

Serapid, Inc., a leader in mechanical lifts and Rigid Chain Technology introduces a new, non-magnetic actuator. The RigiBelt is made of reinforced plastic and stainless steel. It has two belts, which come together much like a zipper to form a rigid column. It moves quickly and quietly while telescoping in and out, and is stored in a compact magazine. It is driven with an electric motor, and can handle loads from 2 pounds of force up to 1100 pounds of force. Stroke lengths can reach up to six feet, unguided. The first size commercially available is 25 mm square. The RigiBelt can be used for any kind of positioning in medical equipment. It is especially suited where non-magnetic co  mponents are a must. All of Serapid's Linear Telescopic Actuators are entirely mechanical, which allow them to be environmentally friendly and suitable clean-room conditions. Each system has a simple configuration, is custom designed and includes a space-saving chain return storage. For more information about Serapid, visit them on the web at www.serapid.com, call 586-274-0774, or e-mail info-us@serapid.com.    

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