Ricoh Corporation Introduces New Service Features for @Remote Intelligent Management System

WEST CALDWELL, N.J., July 19 / -- Ricoh Americas Corporation, the leading provider of digital office equipment, introduced new service features for its @Remote Intelligent Remote Management System. The addition of the Automated Service and Toner Alerts and Remote Firmware Upgrade creates a complete Device Management System for a business's networked printer and multifunction product (MFP) fleet.

With the addition of these features, businesses can now provide a unique level of service for their customers. @Remote automatically collects operational data from networked laser printers and MFPs. This information is made available as device population and trending reports, which details the activity of a business's printing devices. @Remote enables proficient business and IT operations by collecting and sharing data for meter billing and connected fleet utilization reporting. Previously, meter reading was done manually by customers through a labor-intensive, time-consuming and error- prone process. By eliminating the costs and labor involved in meter reporting, @Remote provides an efficient, automated alternative for businesses to boost productivity and improve bottom-line results.

The new Automated Service and Toner Alerts make it possible for networked devices to automatically send notification once service is needed. These alerts reduce time between discovering service needs and reporting them, resulting in improved device uptime. The Automated Toner Alerts feature simplifies the process of managing the shelf stock toner ordering process. By automatically e-mailing notification when devices are low on toner, businesses will no longer experience the problem of unexpectedly running out of toner during a major project.

In addition, the Remote Firmware upgrade feature makes it possible for a company's service department to schedule firmware upgrades for several devices in a single operation from a central location. In the past, a sales company was forced to wait to update device firmware until a service technician would visit the customer's location. Given the ability to upgrade firmware remotely, businesses can now minimize the device downtime associated with known issues.

Furthermore, @Remote is now compatible with OMD's multi-meter Vision software (version 24 and later). Vision is a comprehensive, integrated business software solution that provides the highest-level of efficiency in handling mission-critical business tasks. Vision offers tools to perform over 1,500 business applications and is used by printer and MFP dealers to report the meter billings of their customers. Prior to @Remote's compatibility with Vision, a customer would send their meter count at the end of each month and dealers would have to manually input the information into their Vision database. With the integration of @Remote and Vision, the report is formatted for automatic integration into Vision, eliminating hours of data-entry work for dealers.

These upgrades have been developed for both the network appliance and the embedded versions of @Remote. The appliance version is designed for businesses with large printing fleets. It features meter reading and reporting capabilities with the ability to track the utilization of up to 500 devices in various locations by way of a local or wide area network. The appliance is able to report the information by vendor, model and work segment, allowing IT or purchasing managers to identify devices that are being over and under utilized. Embedded @Remote is built directly into the printing device and allows a single networked machine to automatically report its meter counts and provide the meter counts directly to the service provider, as well as send service and toner alerts and receive remote firmware upgrades.

"The new firmware and alert features, as well as the system's compatibility with OMD Vision, provide huge advancements for users in regards to data collection management," said Ron Potesky, vice president, Corporate Product Marketing, Ricoh Americas Corporation. "Ricoh's @Remote system enables businesses of any size, to streamline operations of their fleet and save critical time and money."

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Ricoh Americas Corporation, headquartered in West Caldwell, N.J., is a subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd., the 71-year-old leading supplier of office automation equipment and electronics, with fiscal year 2006 sales in excess of $17 billion, a 8.4 percent increase over the previous year.

Ricoh Americas Corporation is a leading provider of document solutions. Ricoh's fully integrated hardware and software products help businesses share information efficiently and effectively by enabling customers to control the input, management and output of documents. Ricoh's line of document management devices include, color and black & white digital imaging systems, facsimile products, printers, scanners, digital duplicators, production printing products and wide format engineering systems. Additionally, Ricoh offers a wide variety of document and printing solutions directly and through strategic alliances enhancing office productivity and document workflow. Ricoh's document management software enhances workgroup collaboration and offers secure storage, retrieval and sharing of critical information.

Ricoh Americas Corporation directly or through its network of authorized independent dealers markets and distributes products in North, Central and South America. For fiscal year 2006, Ricoh Americas Corporation sales exceeded $3.3 billion, an increase of 7.4 percent over the previous year.

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