Richardson’s DC/DC Converter Series features isolation capacitance of <10pF.

Press Release Summary:

Richardson offers RxxP06S and RP-xx06X series of DC/DC converters. Units are fitted into SIP7 cases and are available with 5, 12, 15 or 24V input options. RxxP06S and RP-xx06S come with 6400 VDC and 5200 VDC isolation respectively and meet UL/IEC60950 standards. These units are designed with high switching voltages and fast slew rates.

Original Press Release:

Richardson RFPD Introduces Two New DC/DC Converter Series for Fast-Switching GaN Drivers from RECOM

Isolated driver power supplies with an insulation barrier to cope with high switching voltages, demanding operating temperatures and fast slew rates of GaN devices

Richardson RFPD, Inc. announced today the availability and full design support capabilities for two new series of DC/DC converters from RECOM Power, Inc. (RECOM).

High slew-rate GaN transistors require an isolated 6V supply with high isolation voltage and low isolation capacitance. The RxxP06S and RP-xx06X series have been designed to fulfill this demanding requirement.

The internal transformers in both series use a pot-core to physically separate the input and output windings, however the converters still fit into an industry-standard SIP7 case. Input voltage options of 5, 12, 15 or 24V are available, and both series are safety-certified to the latest UL/IEC60950 standard.

The RxxP06S series features 6400 VDC isolation and <10pF isolation capacitance. The RP-xx06S features 5200 VDC isolation and <10pF isolation capacitance.

Additional key features of the new RECOM DC/DC modules for fast-switching GaN drivers include:

Part Number            Input                    Output                Output                  Efficiency                    Max. Capacitive
                                Voltage                 Voltage               Current                  (%) (typ.)                        Load
                                  (VDC)                 (VDC)                   (mA)                                                            (uF)
R05P06S                      5                           6                      167                         76                               1000
R12P06S                      12                         6                      167                         81                               1000
R15P06S                      15                         6                      167                         79                               1000
R24P06S                      24                         6                      167                         80                               1000
RP-0506S                     5                           6                      167                         81                               1000
RP-1206S                     12                         6                      167                         77                               1000
RP-1506S                     15                         6                      167                         83                               1000
RP-2406S                      24                        6                      167                         82                               1000

To find more information, or to purchase these products today online, please visit the RECOM DC/DC modules for fast-switching GaN drivers webpage( The devices are also available by calling 1-800-737-6937 (within North America); or please find a local sales engineer (worldwide) at ( Local Sales Support. To learn about additional products from RECOM, please visit the RECOM storefront webpage (

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