RIBS Ultra

Our RIBS MVTR Ultra has recently been approved for 15 year long term storage by a major German auto manufacturer and several German OEM suppliers.  The 15 year threshold for maintaining spare automotive parts is a legal requirement in Europe, however finding materials that will allow companies to meet this mandate is difficult, typically resulting in expensive and time consuming re-packaging of parts part way through the time frame. These customers were looking for a product that would meet the 15 year level for their electrical parts so moisture, permanent ESD and corrosion protection were all key required attributes.  After testing, they approved RIBS Ultra. This product is the result of multiple innovations working in synchronization to provide long term contamination free corrosion, protection, permanent, humidity independent ESD protection and MVTR values that are at the lower test limits.

An additional regulation facing companies in Europe (electronic manufacturers as well as automotive) is the mandate to remove oils from being used in conjunction with plastics. The new rules dictate less than 50 ml of oil per cubic meter of plastics as the threshold for recycling.  Going oil free is difficult; however German automotive suppliers and OEM's have turned to the RIBS Ultra product as a way of going oil free for corrosion protection while obtaining their 15 year storage life without repacking.

The RIBS family of products combines the proven INTERCEPT Technology with foil barriers to provide unrivaled ESD, Corrosion and Moisture Barrier properties.  RIBS Ultra and the entire RIBS product line is available as bags and films, in both industrial clean and class 100.  You can learn more about this exciting new product at www.Purestat.com.

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