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RFID Reader is fully ISO 14443 A/B compatible.

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RFID Reader is fully ISO 14443 A/B compatible.

Jul 01, 2005 - HF Dual ISO Handheld reader, manufactured in Compact Flash(TM) card form factor, can be integrated into mobile devices such as PDAs and laptops. Interoperable with RFID transponder solutions, RFID read/write handheld module transmits data at rates to 848 kbit/s over RF interface. Features such as anti-collision algorithm and upgradeable firmware make unit suited for mobile applications such as verification of e-passports, e-drivers licenses, and e-ID cards.

ACG Identification GmbH - Walluf, DEU

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ACG Completes HF Dual ISO Reader Family

Press release date: Jun 27, 2005

Handheld version of fully ISO 14443 A/B compatible read/write module available now

Walluf, 27.06.2005 ­ ACG Identification Technologies GmbH, a leading component and technology supplier in the smart card and RFID markets, announces today the launch of its new high-speed, fully ISO 14443 A and B compatible RFID reader in a Compact FlashTM card form factor. The new RFID read/write handheld module completes ACG's HF Dual ISO Reader family, which already comprises an OEM module, a Plug&Play board and a fully packaged desktop reader. It is ideal for numerous mobile applications, including mobile verification of e-passports, e-drivers licenses and e-ID cards.

The new HF Dual ISO Handheld reader, easily integrated into mobile devices such as PDAs and laptops, offers the same outstanding performance as the other elements of ACG's proven HF Dual ISO Reader family. The device is interoperable with nearly all RFID transponder solutions available on the market today, including highly complex and well-protected contactless microcontroller smart cards. A powerful CPU and extended buffer memory allow ACG's HF Dual ISO Reader to transmit data at rates of up to 848 kbit/s over the RF interface, dramatically reducing the time required to transfer information between card and reader, especially when large amounts of data have to be handled. Other features include an advanced anti-collision algorithm and easily upgradeable firmware. Full compatibility with the other ACG HF Dual ISO readers guarantees the lowest possible development cost and reduced time-to-market for the system integrator.

The full ISO 14443 A and B compatibility combined with the high data transfer rate and the extensively tested, flexible firmware has enabled ACG¹s HF Dual ISO Reader to achieve the best results in its class during electronic passport interoperability tests conducted by the US-Visit program in the US, by Australia¹s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and by NMDA in Japan.

ACG has also recently received official MIFARE certification for its HF Dual ISO RFID Read/Write Reader family from Arsenal Research of Vienna, Austria.

The new HF Dual ISO Handheld Reader is available immediately.

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ACG Identification Technologies is an independent component and technology supplier serving the entire value chain of smart card and RFID-based systems. Headquartered in Walluf (Germany), ACG has 21 locations throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.