RFID Products provide tracking and security.

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Radio frequency identification antennas, inlets, and finished tags made with thin conductive traces of silver and copper circuits have ability to read, write, or lock information. Non-contact and non-line of sight tags can be hidden inside packages, and provide durability in adverse environments such as fog, snow, and dust. RFID technology can monitor location and movement of multiple objects simultaneously without human intervention.

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MACtac(R) Adds RFID to Its Conductive Solutions Capabilities

Stow, Ohio - Spring 2002 - MACtac(R) Technical Products' Hopkins, MN facility has integrated its radio frequency identification (RFID) technology with its existing pressure sensitive adhesive knowledge to provide high-quality and cost-effective RFID solutions.

Radio frequency identification consists of tags, readers and a host computer interface. MACtac has commercialized its unique high-volume process to produce RFID consumables with broad capabilities. MACtac Technical Products is able to produce
RFID antennas, inlets and finished tags in various forms at almost any frequency to meet specific needs. According to MACtac Technical Products' sales and marketing manager, Ross Burnham, this process allows MACtac to provide its customers with several benefits.

"Our broad product portfolio allows us to provide our customers with large volumes of RFID consumables in the customers' preferred format such as rolls of inlets and finished tags in a variety of frequencies."

MACtac Technical Products produces thin conductive traces of silver and copper circuits for RFID and electronic article surveillance (EAS) antennas. With the heightening of security, RFID and EAS are growing at a rapid pace. Some features that
distinguish RFID capabilities from the bar code are its sophisticated method of tracking; the ability to read, write or lock information; non-contact and non-line of sight (tags can
be hidden inside a package); and durability in adverse environments such as fog, snow and dust.

These technologies have become the premium method of choice for retail stores; supply chain/logistic management; special event ticketing; and parking, security, aviation and transit. Radio frequency identification has the ability to monitor location and
movement of multiple objects simultaneously without human intervention.

In addition to RFID, MACtac offers advanced engineered solutions capabilities and technology such as electroluminescence (EL), membrane switches and graphics, conductive circuits and materials (silver, carbon, copper, ATO, ITO). MACtac Technical Products has proven experience in producing a wide variety of conductive materials in high-volume processes, precisely controlling conductive elements for a variety of applications.

MACtac, a leading supplier of pressure sensitive adhesive materials, offers solutions for a wide range of industries including printing, graphic design, packaging, digital
imaging, photographic, assembly engineering, medical and communications. MACtac is a subsidiary of the Bemis Company, Inc., the largest flexible packaging supplier in North America. Headquartered in Stow, Ohio, MACtac is a global company with
manufacturing and distribution facilities in 14 countries. For more information, please call 1.866.262.2822 or visit www.MACtac.com.

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