RFID Parking Barrier Gate enables wide lane management.

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Designed for use in medium to high traffic applications, Parking Barrier Gate model GAO410004 works in conjunction with RFID readers, tags, and antenna. Unmanned parking barrier gate includes pedestrian and vehicle safety features, controls vehicle access for 10-20 ft lanes, and depending on length of arm, can fully open in 1-4 sec. Engineered to withstand harsh weather and operating conditions, unit also suits large capacity industrial facilities, as well as apartments and condos.

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GAO RFID Completes Its Parking Solution with the Addition of Parking Barrier Gate

GAO's newly offered heavy-duty, high performance Parking Barrier Gate (GAO410004) is typically meant to be used in medium to high traffic applications and is also suitable for wide lane management.

The gate is designed to be used in conjunction with GAO's RFID readers, tags and antenna. Specific details for the final RFID equipment are application dependant; however, a typical scenario would include GAO RFID windshield tags (GAO116014) and either RFID readers with a built in antenna (GAO216003) or a multi-port reader such as GAO's 4-port RFID reader (GAO216007).

Engineered to withstand the harshest of weather and operating conditions, the parking barrier gate offers speedy operation even for large capacity industrial facilities. Designed Of course, the parking barrier gate is useful for more than just parking solutions - this solution is ideal for apartments and condos, gated communities, business parking lots and garages, university parking areas and recreation operations from hotels to RV camps.

The cost-effective, unmanned parking barrier gait safely (pedestrian and vehicle safety features are included) controls vehicle access for 10 to 20 foot lanes and, depending on the length of the arm, can fully open in as little one to four seconds.

For a complete list of Features and Specifications and for Installations details for this Parking Barrier Gate visit www.GAORFID.com or contact sales@GAORFID.com.

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