RF Transport System targets government, military applications.

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Simultaneously, Simulsat Multibeam transport system handles content, carrier monitoring, lawful interception, and geo-location technologies. System comprises Simulsat multibeam antenna, capable of receiving satellite transmissions from 35+ satellites simultaneously; L-band fiber optic links; RF detection for LNB status; L-Band Matrix Switch; embedded spectrum analyzer for monitoring each signal; and M & C software that provides total monitoring capabilities of each individual signal path.

Original Press Release:

ATCi Tailors Simulsat Surveillance and Monitoring Systems for Government and Military Applications

Multibeam System Enables Content and Lawful Interception Systems Simultaneously

Simulsat Transport System Fully Software Integrated for Defense Agency Applications

WASHINGTON -- Government Video Expo -- ATCi - Antenna Technology Communications Inc., a provider of satellite communications systems, today introduced at the Government Video Expo being held in Washington DC, its Simulsat Multibeam transport system specifically designed for a full range government and military applications.

The complete RF Transport System includes the Simulsat multibeam antenna - the world's only multiple satellite antenna that is capable of receiving satellite transmissions from 35+ satellites simultaneously, L-band fiberoptic links for transport into the headend, RF detection for LNB status, L-Band Matrix Switch to route and distribute signals to receivers, an embedded spectrum analyzer for monitoring each signal, proprietary M & C software that provides total monitoring capabilities of each individual signal path. 

ATCi's President Gary Hatch noted that the company's Simulsat system was re-engineered to handle the unique applications that are specific to content, carrier monitoring, lawful interception and geo-location technologies.

"It is a testament to ATCi's continuous commitment to our customers that the Company was able to re-engineer the legacy Simulsat Multibeam system that has been serving cable customers for 30+ years in the US and abroad to also meet the unique news gathering and content aggregation needs of government and broadcasters," said Gary Hatch, ATCi's CEO. "We are honored that government agencies worldwide can rely on ATCi's Simulsat technologies to provide the essential capabilities for their sensitive operations. We stand by our offering to these sensitive markets that the best information provides for the best decisions," Hatch concluded.

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