Rexam Announces European Launch of Aluminium SLEEK(TM) Can

The 330 ml Rexam Alu SLEEK(TM) can uses the same end as the standard can but is taller and more slender in diameter, giving a completely new look to any product. The new shape looks fresh and modern, has improved shelf impact and its sleek lines make it easier for consumers to handle. The Alu SLEEK(TM) can is ideal for packaging mineral water and "healthy drinks", as well as iced coffee, fruit juices, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

SLEEK(TM) can be used by marketers to really make a brand stand out on-shelf and to maximise brand impact. Furthermore, the aluminium SLEEK(TM) can offers perfect environmental credentials, being 100% recyclable into new cans.

Like all cans, the Alu SLEEK(TM) can protects its contents from both light and oxygen. This is particularly important when it comes to water and fruit juices where consumers want the reassurance that any original vitamin and mineral contents have been perfectly preserved. Cans also have the advantage of chilling faster than bottles and are the ultimate lightweight package for on-the-go consumption.

The Rexam SLEEK(TM) can has been available in the US in 9, 10.5 and 12 oz sizes for some years and has proved to be a great success. Rexam currently runs two can-making lines on sleek and sees a continued increase in demand. Main users of the sleek can in the US are Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola and Starbucks Coffee.

Rexam will manufacture the 330ml Alu SLEEK(TM) cans in Europe at their facility in Recklinghausen, Germany, with a production line being specifically converted to run the new can. It will be available in Europe from late 2006.

Gote Nylin, Market Development Director, says "Alu SLEEK(TM) has been developed for the European market primarily with mineral water and health drinks in mind, however, the exciting new size and shape lends itself well to any beverage type. We expect the aluminium SLEEK(TM) can to open up exciting new opportunities for brands to use beverage cans."

Gote Nylin

Anne Sampson or Vicky Ferries
Tel: 020 7593 4000

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