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BALLSTON SPA, N.Y., Sept. 20 / -- Magsoft Corporation announced today that they have recently secured the distributorship for the SPEED software in North America. SPEED software is developed by the SPEED Laboratory of Glasgow, UK. Founder, professor TJE Miller is a renowned electric machine expert and pioneer, who leads the development of the software.

In addition to the distribution agreement, Magsoft is pleased to announce that the SPEED Laboratory has officially delivered the latest release of the SPEED software. New versions for all machine-types are now available.

SPEED offers the latest technologies for simulating the following machine- types:

o Brushless Permanent Magnet Motors

o Brush Permanent Magnet Motors

o Induction Motors

o Switched Reluctance Motors

o Wound Field Motors

The technology of the SPEED software provides extremely fast computations for the electromechanical physics within a given motor. The software assesses the following inputs provided by the user to describe the machine:

o Machine-type

o Motor Topology

o Material Properties

o Winding Layout, and Configuration

o Drives and Control

Next the SPEED software automatically constructs an analytical equivalent circuit for the behavior of the given machine.

Template Editors allow the user to enter motor topologies through a series of pull-downs and text field entries. An intuitive Winding Editor allows quick configuration of the winding to the desired drive and controls for the machine. Finally a user has the choice between the following simulations:

o Static

o Dynamic

o Torque-Speed

o Line-start

The solution results are available in the form of:

o Solution Design Sheet

o Torque vs Speed curves

o Voltage, Current, EMF and Torque Waveforms

o Harmonic Analysis

o Phasor Diagram

"We are excited to add the SPEED software to our simulation suite for electric machines. When coupled with Flux and Motor-CAD, machine designers can use these complementary tools to explore the response of a wider range of design alternatives. Leveraging their wisdom and creativity they can virtually prototype to obtain an optimum multi-physics design" says Shep Salon, President of Magsoft.

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