Retractable Diffuse Reflectance Probe suits NIR development/analysis.

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Designed for the contact analysis of optically scattering materials, FDR-798  Near-IR (NIR) manually retractable diffuse reflectance probe exhibits chemical resistance and has integral hand-operated retraction mechanism suited for use with bioreactors and other small reaction vessels. Sanitary fitting and flush chamber allow periodic cleaning of probe tip. Use of integral fiber-optic bundles with SMA 905 connectors allows probes to be remotely coupled to NIR and UV-visible spectrometers.

Original Press Release:

Axiom Analytical, Inc. Announces a New Retractable Diffuse Reflectance Probe for Near Infrared (NIR) Development and Process Analysis

TUSTIN, Calif. – Axiom Analytical, Inc. has announced the availability of its FDR-798 Near-IR manually retractable diffuse reflectance probe.  The new probe is designed for the contact analysis of optically scattering materials such as pharmaceutical powders, polymers, and food products.  It is provided with an integral hand operated retraction mechanism suitable for use with bioreactors and other small reaction vessels.  It includes a standard sanitary fitting and a flush chamber to allow periodic cleaning of the probe tip. Key characteristics of the new probe include high collection efficiency, low stray light, robust construction, and excellent chemical resistance.

The FDR-798 is the latest member of the company’s FDR-700 Series of diffuse reflectance probes which includes the previously announced FDR-755 Extruder Probe and FDR-795 on-line process probe.  The FDR-755 is configured for the spectroscopic analysis of materials such as polymers and food products during extrusion. The FDR-795 12.7 mm diameter probe is available in a wide range of lengths and with a choice of process fittings. The use of integral fiber-optic bundles with SMA 905 connectors allows FDR-700 Series probes to be remotely coupled to most near-IR and UV-visible spectrometers for laboratory development and on-line process analysis.

About Axiom Analytical, Inc

Axiom Analytical, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Dr. Mike Doyle and Norm Jennings, pioneers in the field of process FTIR spectroscopy. The Company’s mission is to develop and market the robust sampling equipment, software, and integrated systems required to fully realize the potential of vibrational spectroscopy for solving economically significant problems both in laboratory analysis and manufacturing processes.  The Company’s products are employed in diverse industries ranging from basic chemicals to pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and polymer processing. In short, the Company’s products are found wherever process analytical technology (PAT) is being applied.  Its hardware products include ATR probes, transmission probes, diffuse reflectance probes, Raman probes, flow cells for gas and liquid analysis, and fiber-optic multiplexers. These cover the full range of molecular analysis including mid-IR, near-IR, UV-visible, and Raman spectroscopy.

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