Retimer Chips are designed for optimal integration.

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Incorporating 10GbE transceiver technology, MY3128 and MY3129 come in 12 x 12 mm 196-pin BGA package and use 62.5 MHz oscillator. Model MY3128, suited for 10GBase-CX4 applications, employs Channel Swap capability that allows user to maintain all high-speed signals on one PC layer. Suited for 10GBase-LX4 applications, MY3129 integrates MSA registers, digital optical monitoring capabilities, and real-time signal quality indicator.

Original Press Release:

Mysticom Semiconductor Achieves New Levels of Integration for CX4 and LX4 Retimer Chips

MY3128 and MY3129 Continue Mysticom's 'Module-in-a-Chip' Philosophy

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Feb. 21 -- Mysticom Semiconductor, the leader in multi-gigabit copper and fiber interconnect solutions, today announced a pair of new retimer chips incorporating its third generation 10GbE transceiver technology. Designated MY3128 for 10GBase-CX4 applications and MY3129 for 10GBase-LX4 applications, the new chips tout the industry's highest levels of integration, which translates to fewer components, lower costs and shorter development cycles for systems designers. These 12mm x 12mm 196 pin BGA packaged chips are the industry's smallest footprint, greatly facilitating space constrained designs like X2 modules.

"We have greatly simplified our customer's Xenpak and X2 module design efforts by requiring fewer external components and shrinking the chip's footprint by 36% compared to other solutions", said Bob Frostholm, vice president sales & marketing. "This is particularly important for LX4 applications in X2 and smaller form factors where the PHY chip must coexist with bulky Transmit and Receive Optical Sub Assemblies (TOSA, ROSA), that include quad laser drivers, four trans-impedance amplifiers, and optical mux/demux. Mysticom's unique architecture allows the device to use a very low-power, low-cost 62.5MHz oscillator. The MY3129's vastly improved sensitivity of the receive channels eliminates the need for external Limiting Amplifiers, making it the most integrated solution available."

According to Jag Bolaria, Sr. Analyst with The Linley Group, "While 10GBase-T proponents sort out the myriad of technical issues surrounding cost, power and performance, 10GBase-CX4 should establish a strong foothold as the low cost copper interconnect for 10GbE. Additionally, short haul optical interconnect is required in the Enterprise and will continue to fuel the demand for 10GBase-LX4."

About MY3128 and MY3129

The MY3128 continues Mysticom's award winning "Module-in-a-Chip" concept. Incorporating the industry's highest levels of integration, the chip also employs a Channel Swap capability which allows the user to maintain all high-speed signals on a single PC layer, regardless of connector configurations. This reduces the entire PCB requirement to just four layers, further lowering overall system cost.

The MY3129 is optimized for small form factor X2 optical LX4 modules, integrating MSA registers and advanced digital optical monitoring (DOM) capabilities. Featuring low-power dissipation of less than 500mW per core, users can be assured of meeting their customer's strict End-of-Life power specifications. The device has a real-time signal quality indicator (SQI), a powerful system tool for real-time performance and power consumption optimization.

10GBase-LX4 is the only technology proven to support 10GbE over legacy 300m of installed 62.5 micron, 500MHz*km multimode fiber. Based on the MY3129 performance advances, optical module suppliers are now able to meet the price demands of major OEMs.

The MY3128 is priced at $51 in sample quantities. MY3129 is priced at $60 in sample quantities. Samples will be available late Q1'05, and production volume will begin in Q2 of 2005.

About Mysticom

Mysticom Semiconductor, a leading network IC provider, designs, develops, and markets high performance multi-gigabit transceivers for today's enterprise, data center, and storage applications. Mysticom's 10-Gigabit solutions go greater distances and require less power, all with plug-and-play simplicity. Harnessing the inherent power of both analog and digital technologies, Mysticom delivers superior interconnect solutions for existing copper and fiber media, and enables even lower-cost media to be used in new installations. Mysticom is a member of the LX4 Trade Group. Mysticom is headquartered in Netanya, Israel, and has marketing, sales, design and customer support offices in Mountain View, Calif. Additional information can be found at

NOTE: Mysticom is a registered trademark of Mysticom Ltd.

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