Restroom Buildings are weather-tight and maintenance-free.

Press Release Summary:

Outback precast concrete restroom buildings are self-contained pit style units with choice of composting system or pump-out underground vault system. Post-tensioned roof allows impact and water resistance. All-welded panel connections provide structural integrity during delivery and remote site installation. Units include galvanized steel insulated doors, tamper-proof hinges, and dead-bolt locks for security. All feature Fresh Air Naturally Technology.

Original Press Release:

Easi-Set Industries Unveils New Restroom Building: Outback, Precast Concrete Restrooms

Midland, VA (November 5, 2002) - Easi-Set Industries recently launched a new series of transportable precast concrete restroom buildings called the "Outback".

Associates of Easi-Set and Smith-Midland Corp invited members of the local National Park Service, County Parks & Recreation & State Forest Parks to view the Outback Precast Concrete Restrooms, the Blue Ridge pit type model close-up.

The event included a presentation and viewing of the Blue Ridge model, lunch and a plant tour of Smith-Midland. The members gathered after a hands on tour of the building to give their feedback on the Outback Precast Concrete Restrooms, Blue Ridge Model. Some comments were: "The finish and building were
better than I expected." "This is right on." They were all impressed with the level of detail and thought put
into design and construction of the Outback Precast Concrete Restroom.

Innovative technology combines with traditional success. The new EASI-SET Outback Precast Concrete Restrooms combine EASI-SET's 25 years of tried and true technology with their innovation in precast concrete. The newly designed Outback Precast Concrete Restrooms are a custom version of the classic EASI-SET buildings.

The Outback Precast Restrooms are the right choice for state of the art restroom facilities, even in the most remote sites. The specially developed proprietary barnboard finish gives the structure a natural outdoor look, even a woodpecker would confuse for the real thing. There are also three additional proprietary EASI-SET finishes currently available for the Outback.

These self-contained pit style units include a choice of either a composting unit or a pump-out underground vault system. Site preparation requires only enough excavation for the underlying vault. Vault sizes will vary based on the model size and style specified. All models are equipped with FAN (Fresh Air Naturally) Technology.

The Outback Precast Restrooms are constructed with the benefit of EASI-SET's tried and true methods. The patented post-tensioned roof allows for superior impact and water resistance. The all-welded panel connections allows for durability and ensures structural integrity during delivery and remote site installation. All EASI-SET precast concrete buildings are weather-tight and maintenance free. The galvanized steel insulated doors, along with tamper-proof hinges and dead-bolt locks help to ensure security in even the remotest locations.

The Outback Prescast Concrete Restrooms are available throughout North America, produced locally by ten manufacturers across the United States and Canada

Choose the new EASI-SET Outback Precast Concrete Restrooms and rely on the proven success ofthe EASI-SET Brand

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