Resistor Ladder Network is designed for A/D, D/A conversions.

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Series BCN31L and 628L thick film resistive R2R resistor ladder networks come in 2512 chip size and medium small-outline SMT packages, respectively. Series BCN31L 8-bit, 10 terminal ceramic devices feature ladder accuracy of ±½ LSB, and have power rating of 25 mW/resistor, with package power rating of 400 mW. Series 628L 16-lead networks offer ladder accuracy of ±½ LSB for 8-bit and ±1 LSB for 10-bit networks. Resistor power rating is 40 mW/resistor, with package power rating at 640 mW.

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BI Technologies Develops Miniature Surface Mount Resistor Ladder Networks for 8- and 10-Bit A/D, D/A Conversion

Surface mount 2512 chip package is one of the industry's smallest ladder networks...

GLENROTHES, SCOTLAND (March 1, 2006) - Providing design engineers with a cost-effective means of implementing A-to-D (analog to digital) and D-to-A (digital to analog) conversions in a variety of circuits, TT electronics BI Technologies SMT Division has released a series of 8-bit and 10-bit R2R resistor ladder networks for automotive, industrial, building monitoring and process automation applications. Designated the BCN31L and 628L Series, the thick film resistive ladder networks are packaged in space-saving 2512 chips and medium small-outline surface mount packages, respectively.

According to Jim Rieley, Sales Director for BI Technologies' SMT Division, the BCN31L and 628L Series ladder networks provide an economical and accurate means of data conversion for design engineers. "The output accuracy of an R2R ladder network, when it oerates as an array of voltage dividers, is a function of how closely each resistor is matched to the others in the network," Rieley explained. "Because our ladder networks consist of resistor arrays that are printed directly onto a single substrate using a single film, they share similar electrical characteristics, giving them an inherent accuracy advantage over discrete solutions."

Additional applications for the R2R resistor ladder networks include auto calibration circuits, slope generators, function generators and motor speed control.

The BCN31L Series, in 2512 chip configuration, is one of the smallest ladder networks on the market, Rieley continued. The 8-bit, 10 terminal, 2512 BCN31L Series ceramic devices feature a ladder accuracy of ±½ LSB (least significant bit). The networks have a power rating of 25mW/resistor, with a package power rating of 400mW.

The 628L Series networks are available in a 16-lead SO-M body style plastic package. Ladder accuracy is ±1/2 LSB for the 8-bit networks and ±1 LSB for the 10-bit networks. Resistor power rating for the 628L devices is 40mW/resistor, with package power rating at 640mW.

Resistance range for both the BCN31L and 628L networks is 1Kohm to 100Kohm and ±2% absolute tolerance, with TCRs to ±100ppm/°C. Operating temperature range is -55°C to +125°C.

BI Technologies will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet customer requirements, with comprehensive application engineering and design support available for customers worldwide.

Typical pricing for the BCN31L and 628L ladder networks starts at $0.18 and $0.39 respectively in quantities of 12K. Lead times are from stock to 8 weeks. Samples are available immediately for engineering evaluation and customer prototypes.

For more information, contact the TT electronics - BI Technologies SMT Division at +44-1-592-662200; via mail at Telford Road, Eastfield Industrial Estate, Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland, KY7 4NX; e-mail at or visit the BI Technologies Web site at

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