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Replacement Electrodes feature silver insert.

Press Release Summary:

Feb 28, 2014 - Combining copper electrode body and solid silver insert, PT-36® Replacement Silver-Pro Electrodes deliver powerful plasma arc while minimizing downtime. Silver insert optimizes conductivity of electricity and dissipates heat of plasma arc more efficiently than standard copper electrodes, extending electrode life. With replacement electrode holder for PT-36® torch, replacement electrodes and OEM’s original electrodes can both be used.

Thermacut, Inc - Claremont, NH

Original Press Release

Replacement Silver Pro Electrodes and Electrode Holder Suitable for PT-36® Systems

Press release date: Feb 15, 2014

Thermacut’s new PT-36 ® replacement Silver-Pro electrodes are the optimal combination of a copper electrode body and a solid silver insert.

The silver insert improves the conductivity of electricity and dissipates the heat of the plasma arc more efficiently than standard copper electrodes, resulting in an extended electrode life.

The overall efficiency of the entire plasma cutting process is improved by incorporating the Silver Pro technology as it delivers a powerful plasma arc, reduces downtime, material, and labor costs with fewer change outs in comparison to standard copper electrodes and nozzles.

Thermacut has also designed a new replacement electrode holder for the PT-36® torch that allows use of both Thermacut’s replacement electrodes and the OEM’s original electrodes.

Thermacut is a leading aftermarket supplier of replacement plasma consumables and torches throughout the world with sales offices in 21 countries and warehouses located in Germany, the Czech Republic and the United States.

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