Replaceable Enclosure Door enables access point migration.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for Model 1052-00 enclosure, Model 38-1052-ADPDOOR-1140 allows replacement of Cisco 1240 access point with Cisco 1140 access point. Field replaceable door incorporates locking mechanism for Cisco 1140, which is secured in same location using same key. Model 1052-00 remains in place, allowing for cable management and termination.

Original Press Release:

Oberon, Inc. Introduces New Field Replaceable Enclosure Door

New Door for Migration from Cisco 1240 Access Point to Cisco 1140 Access Point

State College, PA - The Oberon model 1052-00 enclosure has been a popular enclosure for use in mounting and securing the Cisco 1242 wireless enclosure. With many Cisco customers making the migration from the Cisco 1242 to the Cisco 1140 series 802.11n wireless access points, enclosure needs are likewise in transition.

Enter the 38-1052-ADPDOOR-1140, Oberon, Inc.'s new replaceable door for the 1052-00, designed to allow replacement of the Cisco 1240 with the Cisco 1140 access point.

This field replaceable door incorporates Oberon's patent pending locking mechanism for the Cisco 1140. The Cisco 1140 is aesthetically secured in the same location using the same key. The model 1052-00 remains in place, allowing for cable management and termination.

The presentation of this new product represents Oberon's commitment to producing new products based on customer needs. It follows the introduction in late 2009 of the 1070-00, the first Oberon enclosure designed to house telecommunications equipment other than wireless access points, such as Ethernet racks - ideal for structured cabling and Fiber-to-the-Enclosure (FTTE) deployments.

Oberon, Inc. is currently hosting a survey aimed at assessing customer needs for the development of new products, and appreciates the imput of the wireless networking community. The survey, consisting of open-ended questions, can be reached from the Oberon, Inc. website home page at

ABOUT OBERON, INC. - Since 1999, Oberon, Inc. has been providing products and services to integrators and end users of wireless LAN "Wi-Fi" network products. Oberon's enclosure and antenna products are used where the RF coverage, infrastructure security, environmental robustness, and aesthetics are paramount in the network design and implementation. Oberon's Wi-Fi monitoring product (DOT11 Monitor(TM)) is used where wireless connectivity is mission critical. Oberon's products and services have helped hundreds of integrators and end-users in the global healthcare, government, transportation and logistics, education, retail, hospitality and manufacturing verticals achieve reliable indoor network connection mobility.

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