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Replace Your Fluids and Hoses for Spring. Del City Now Conveniently Provides Automotive Supplies!

Milwaukee, WI - Replace your cars fluids and hoses in time for spring. Most cars have been through a tough winter and are due for some maintenance. In addition to offering electrical supplies, Del City now provides automotive supplies.

Select from various chemicals and hoses including: brake fluid, marvel mystery oil, and windshield wiper/vacuum hoses. Available in 12 and 32 ounce bottles, Del City's brake fluid is for use on US and Foreign vehicles where DOT 3 fluid is specified and exceeds the Federal Specification VV-B-680 and SAE SPEC J1703. Also, marvel mystery oil is a oil and gas additive that lubricates areas that regular motor oil does not reach. This product now offered at Del City will help improve gas mileage and ensures your equipment is at optimal performance.

Windshield wiper/vacuum hoses are low pressure tubing for windshield washers, vacuum and emissions systems for power accessories. The EPDM tube meets SAE J1037 specification so it won't deteriorate from heat, weathering, or ozone. In addition, Del City now also stocks heater hose, fuel line hose, air hose, and transmission oil cooler hose as part of its new automotive accessories line.

For more information about Del City's extended automotive line or other products offered at Del City, visit

About Del City

Del City is a supplier of electrical supplies and accessories since 1947, serving the automotive, truck and trailer, marine, and RV industries. With over 4,000 professional grade products, including wire, fuses, terminals, and switches, Del City offers its customers convenient and customer-friendly service that will satisfy their needs. At Del City it's not hard to find. For more information or to request a catalog, visit or call 800.654.4757.

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