Repco Answers Industry Demand for Motor Control: Replacement Brushes, Starters, Shunts Options

REPCO is featuring three popular products for a wide range of industrial-duty motor and control applications: carbon brushes for GE Kinamatic DC motors, replacement contact kits for Allen Bradley Bulletin 500 starters and replacement shunts for Hubbell DC motor controls.

Carbon Brushes for GE Kinamatic DC Motors

GE Kinamatic DC motors are found in service in many different markets including steel, paper, mining, power generation, packaging, printing, and extrusion. Carbon brushes are used to transfer electrical current generated from the rotating assembly to the stationary assembly in the machinery. REPCO quality carbon brushes for GE Kinamatic motors match the performance of OEM brushes at a lower cost.

Repco's inventory includes hundreds of OEM brushes as well as its own replacement brushes. The company's products include replacements for motor manufacturers' products for more than 36 motor manufacturers.  An extensive cross-reference database powers its website to help you find the right replacement carbon brush. Repco carbon brush specialists guide you through the process to make the right choice.

Replacements for Allen-Bradley Bulletin 500 NEMA starters

Allen-Bradley Bulletin 500 NEMA starters for AC motors have been an industry favorite for years and are represented in a wide range of applications. Repco equivalent replacements for sizes 00-5 are ready for immediate delivery from stock. Like the starters themselves, Repco has earned a reputation for dependability and value to electrical distributors looking to offer lower-cost options and build relationships with their customers. Repco stocks replacements for current series starters and those that have been obsoleted by the manufacturer.

Replacement Shunts for Hubbell DC Motor Controls

Repco is now supplying replacement shunts for Hubbell DC motor controls.  Shunts are used with any DC contactor requiring overload current protection. Typical applications include machine tools and winding/unwinding machines where good speed regulation is needed as the electrical load varies. These shunts correspond to the replacement contacts available on page 73 in Repco's Electrical Contact catalog.

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