Repair and Patching Compound is offered in caulking tubes.

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Single-component, aluminum-loaded Lab-metal hardens by exposure to air into sandable, grindable, tappable metal. Dent filler withstands temperatures to 350°F or one-time exposures to 425°F. Ready-to-use metal putty is also available as Hi-Temp Lab-metal, which withstands temperatures to 1000°F. Packaged in 20 oz caulking tubes, product seals seams and other specialized applications.

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Lab-Metal Repair and Patching Compound, Now in a Tube, Solves High-Heat Patching Problems for Metalworkers

Lab-metal, a single-component aluminum-loaded repair and patching compound, is now available in caulking tubes. Lab-metal requires no two-part mixing and hardens (by exposure to air) into a sandable, grindable, tappable metal. The dent filler withstands temperatures to 350°F (or one-time exposures to 425°F). The ready-to-use metal putty replaces body fillers, latex and silicone caulks which simply cannot take extreme heat. Its high-temperature companion, Hi-Temp Lab-metal, withstands temperatures to 1000°F after the air-dried product is heat-hardened. Used by metal fabricators and finishers, metal furniture manufacturers, OEMs, machine shops, auto restorers, powder coaters, plumbers / HVAC professionals, foundries, and do-it-yourselfers, Lab-metal provides quick, neat cosmetic repairs to metal and non-metal items. Since 1950, welders, foundries and metal fabricators have used Lab-metal to fill dents and smooth over welds. More recently, the aluminum-loaded dent filler has emerged as a product leader in the young powder-coating industry, which demands heat-resistant cosmetic repairs to metal parts prior to the powder coating process. Lab-metal fills, seals, patches and smoothes dents, cracks, pinholes, and welded seams. Lab-metal (packaged in caulking tubes) is ideal for sealing seams and other specialized applications. Lab-metal (packaged in metal containers) is easily applied by putty knife, paint brush, spray equipment. Thinned with Lab-solvent, the metal repair putty may be brushed or sprayed onto the surface for a rustproof, metallic coating. Lab-solvent enhances the workability of Lab-metal; the applicator is simply moistened with Lab-solvent. Lab-metal is available in five sizes (metal containers), and in a 20 oz. caulking tube. Hi-Temp Lab-metal and Lab-solvent are each available in three sizes (metal containers). For additional information, please contact the manufacturer via email at For immediate service, log onto for product information. Alvin Products, Inc., 350 Merrimack St., Lawrence MA 01843 (978) 975-4580 o FAX (978) 975-2621

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