Removable Insulation Blankets target underground mines.

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Featuring stainless steel liner, MineWrap(TM) Mark III Blankets prevent oil leaks from coming into contact with insulation material, minimizing risk of fire. Outer surface is reinforced stainless steel foil, covered with stainless steel mesh to withstand demanding conditions of underground mining such as rock falls. Used on diesel-powered equipment, blankets protect personnel from burns, lower ambient temperature, maximize heat retention, and shield heat-sensitive components.

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Novel Removable Insulation Blankets to Increase Safety in Underground Mines

Firwin Corp, a Toronto-based manufacturer of removable insulation blankets, is pleased to announce the development of MineWrap(TM), insulation blankets specifically designed to meet the stringent safety requirements of underground mining.

Much of the diesel-powered equipment used in underground mining requires insulation for various components of the engine, exhaust system, and catalytic purifier. Insulation protects personnel from burns, lowers the ambient temperature, maximizes heat retention for optimal catalyst performance, and shields heat-sensitive cabling, components, and sensors. Mines have traditionally used removable insulation blankets to achieve these objectives. However, an engine oil leak or a hydraulic hose burst can cause oil to seep underneath the blankets. This oil then lodges into the insulation matt material, posing a significant danger of spontaneous combustion.

"We needed to develop a blanket which could provide all the benefits of a standard insulation blanket, yet meet the added safety requirements of underground mining, all in a cost-effective manner", said Paul Herman, Firwin's president.

Extensive R&D let to the development of a novel insulation blanket, which the company calls MineWrap(TM). "We cover the inside of the insulation blanket with a stainless steel liner. This prevents any oil from coming into contact with the insulation material, reducing the risk of fire and increasing the safety of the mine" added Paul.

The company has since introduced an upgraded version of its MineWrap(TM) product, the Mark III. Noticing that the underground mining environment is often subject to demanding conditions, such as rock falls and the like, Firwin Corp has replaced the outer surface of the blanket with a reinforced stainless steel foil, covered with a stainless steel mesh.

"The Mark III adds rigidity to MineWrap(TM), enabling it to stand up to the tough conditions of underground mining", notes Brett Herman, Firwin's vice-president of sales and marketing.

MineWrap(TM) removable insulation blankets offer all the benefits of standard insulation blankets, plus the additional safety features required by underground mines. The product is available from Firwin in its standard configuration, known as the Mark II, or in the upgraded Mark III version.

About Firwin Corp:
Founded in 1982, Firwin Corp is a manufacturer of removable insulation blankets. The company's focus is to provide insulation solutions to industries using diesel-powered engines and equipment. Industries that Firwin services include power generation, off-road equipment, gen-set, mining, forestry, marine, and the military. The company provides removable insulation blankets for both OEM and end-user applications.

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