Remote Pitch Control permits on-the-fly tuning.

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Z-control option, available on RG rolling-ring linear drive assemblies, enables rapid adjustments to actuator pitch while system is in operation, without changing drive-motor rotational speed. Z-control knob turns worm gear, affixed to pitch control mechanism, to permit virtually infinite, fine tuning. RG linear-motion assemblies feature auto reverse, zero backlash, and up to 800 lb of axial thrust, with accuracy to within +/- 0.005 inches and travel speeds up to 13 ft/sec.

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Remote Pitch Control Option For Linear Drive Assembly Enhances Speed And Accuracy In Linear Motion Applications

Aston, PA, April 2002 - Amacoil/Uhing has introduced the Z-control option for its RG "rolling ring" linear drive assembly, a reciprocating motion system used for cutting, winding, spreading and other linear motion applications. The Z-option features a remote pitch control enabling rapid adjustments to the actuator's pitch (distance traveled per shaft revolution) while the system is in operation, without changing the drive motor rotational speed. The Z-control knob turns a worm gear affixed to the RG linear drive's pitch control mechanism to permit virtually infinite, on-the-fly fine tuning of pitch, bypassing the 100 discrete pitch settings which are standard on the RG linear drive. The Z-control lets users quickly adjust pitch accuracy, and therefore linear speed, without adjusting motor controls, simply by turning the control knob.

The system operates on a smooth, threadless shaft without clutches, cams or gears. This permits longer periods of uninterrupted production time because tweaking the actuator's pitch may be accomplished without adjusting gear ratios or other controls. Remote pitch control also eliminates risk of injury because users may make the adjustment to the linear distance the drive travels per shaft revolution without touching the pitch control on the face of the actuator.

Designed for non-stop, reciprocating linear motion applications, the Z-control option is available on all RG rolling ring linear drive assemblies to facilitate accuracy and smooth, continuous
production for linear motion procedures including winding extra fine wire, accurate spooling operations, precision spraying or coating, labeling, packaging, high tolerance grinding and more.

RG linear motion assemblies with the Z-control option are designed and built to customer specifications and arrive ready for installation in production lines and connection to the drive

Z-control RG linear motion assemblies feature auto-reverse, zero backlash, up to 800 lbs. of axial thrust, and accuracy to within +/- 0.005 inches. Travel speed may be up to 13 ft./sec. over
a maximum distance of 16 feet. Stroke length is controlled with user-adjustable end stops. The only maintenance required for Amacoil/Uhing RG rolling ring linear actuators is periodic, light
lubrication of the shaft.

Amacoil designs and manufactures rolling ring linear motion systems for reciprocating, positioning and indexing applications. In many cases, Amacoil/Uhing rolling ring linear motion assemblies can eliminate clutches, cams, gears and electronic controls from linear motion systems. Amacoil application engineers provide technical support and engineering assistance. For more information please contact Amacoil, Inc., 2100 Bridgewater Road, Aston, PA 19014. Tel: 610-485-8300. Fax: 610-485-2357. email: Web:
Toll free: 1-800-252-2645

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