Remote Management Service targets HVAC industry.

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Upon tERA subscription, connection box is installed which allows remote access to machine. Data is transmitted through customer's Internet network or via GPRS with independent channel. Data can be read remotely via PC, smartphone, or tablet. tDisplay offers customized machine interface, while tService enables users to optimize plant management via preventive analysis of remote systems operations. With tTrace, expert can analyze and compare machine performance by comparing several similar plants.

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The New Carel Solution for the Remote Control Management

tERA: the new era of service for the HVAC market

tERA is the new Carel platform with a focus on services, taking advantage of the technology that is available on the market today and already widespread in other applications: the concepts of the internet of things, smart machines, cloud computing, wireless connectivity, Smartphone applications and tablets are entering into our HVACR products in a completely new way to remote centralized system management for commercial and industrial HVAC applications.

The global market trend is heavily focused on service and the servitization process is already under way. In this scenario the customer is not asking for an individual product or a system solution but is looking for a complete service offer. Each element in the supply chain must add its part to create an overall value for the final user.

The first step for an advanced service offer in the HVAC market is the creation of the network. Connectivity is now a standard for all users, but for HVAC systems it is still a distant goal. There are already various solutions for remote access to the individual machines, but a global platform for sharing information inside a network and for data processing is still something new. Now we can create a centralized remote management system for HVAC applications, starting with the new tERA platform.

Integration and interaction of Carel controls (but also of third party controls that support the Modbus protocol) is made possible through a simple tERA subscription.

The platform includes various applications that can be combined as desired to optimize work and offer the customer additional services.

Upon subscription, a connection box is delivered to be installed in the system and a few configuration steps from the portal allow remote access to the machine. Data are transmitted through customer’s Internet network or via GPRS with an independent channel as regards the site infrastructure. You can read data remotely via PC, smartphone or tablet.

Thanks to tService, you can optimize plant management and reduce maintenance costs due to preventive analysis of remote system operations; improves the service level to the final customer since it reduces the average problem resolution time.

By using tDisplay, a customized machine interface is available for the site’s owner wherever he may be.

With tTrace the expert can analyze and compare the machine performance by comparing several similar plants. Energy dashboard and KPIs can be customized for offering to the building responsible the clear presentation of the site status.

With a single subscription you can also connect complex systems - up to a maximum of 10 machines for each connection point.

Point of strength of this Carel solution are:

• Its simplicity: the offer includes everything necessary for use. The SIM is already installed in the communication box and the offer includes data transfer traffic and server use for data logging and analysis. The service can be activated in systems in every country in the indicated coverage areas with no initial pre-configuration, regardless of the country where installed. Our offer minimizes connection times for a new system and ensures total information entry costs that are clear and secure for the customer.

• The reliability of the connection and security of the data: from the system to the user's terminal, the data is transferred 24/24h on protected or encrypted channels thanks to Carel's direct management of the telephone communication channel.

• The power of the system: comparative analysis between the systems and advanced interfaces via WEB or mobile are easily available due to the centralized management of the data on scalable servers based on the customer's need.

You can try tERA : a demo is available from (,

Here you can register and get a free account. In this way you can access all the information from a demo simulator via WEB or mobile, with the possibility of interacting with the system in real time.

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