Remote Displays operate up to 300 feet.

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OEM Remote Displays are based on company's GigaSTaR high-speed data link connection, and offer real-time display in harsh environments. GigaSTar capabilities include transmitting over long distances, multiple repeaters, and DC-coupling without signal degradation. Control and diagnostic functions are available through intelligent CAN interface. Unlimited number of displays can be connected over considerable distances in real time.

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Inova Offers Solution for Long-Distance Display Connections

HYANNIS, MA., March 22, 2002 - Inova Computers, Inc. introduces a revolutionary remote display for industrial applications, including real-time display in harsh environments. Inova Computers, Inc. has based this high-speed distributed digital system on Inova Semiconductors' GigaSTaR high-speed data link
connection. Remote displays at distances up to 300 feet are possible with this leading technology.

The OEM displays from Inova, combined with special video data transmission techniques, eliminate a number of problems associated with information display over long distances in harsh environmental climates.

Applications include:
- Embedded Systems
- Robotics
- Military
- Environmental Management
- Energy Management
- Industrial Control and Automation
- Traffic and Transportation
- Multiprocessing Environments

Specific applications benefiting from this technology are varied and widespread. For example, due to the larges distances involved with certain types of industrial equipment (printing machines, conveyor belt operations, etc.), more than one user panel or information terminal is required for displaying identical data. Another typical area of deployment is in transportation (rail, bus or tram) wherein, for example, information terminals are required at both ends of the carriage or compartment. Also, passenger information terminals need remotely connected displays, and traffic control systems also require such remote display technology. Inova's OEM display provides the cost-effective, efficient solution for all of these situations, and more.

GigaSTaR's unique capabilities, i.e., transmitting over long distances, multiple repeaters and DC-decoupling without signal degradation, combined with Inova's display receiver/repeater technology, offers replacement for PanelPC and RemotePC solutions.

An added benefit is that the complete application performance in audio/visual terms is presented to the display in real time, without software protocol or the need for synchronization. This technological breakthrough avoids DC coupling and permits an almost unlimited display repetition without signal loss. Powerful control and diagnostic functions for optimized service and maintenance are available through an intelligent CAN interface.

Inova's OEM display has successfully overcome many of the problems present in today's technology. The current techniques for connecting display remotely are complicated. If a display cannot be connected directly to the analog or digital video outputs, then, more often than not, a PanelPC is installed in the remote location. A solution based on these methods will drive the overall system price skyward, cause a reduction
on the system MTBF, and leave the customer facing the problem that the video signal at these remote stations is no longer in real time. The cost-effective Inova solution not only brings the complete graphic performance to the display but also allows an almost unlimited number of displays to be connected over considerable distances in real time.

The Inova OEM display offers almost unlimited possibilities regarding variety of use, while its efficiency and low MBTF create a cost-effective solution to remote display needs.

A PDF version of the full datasheet for this product is available for download at

About Inova Computers, Inc.
Inova Computers, Inc. manufactures and designs today's complete CompactPCI technology in a 3U or 6U single-slot solution. Inova's engineers have integrated more functionality into less space with a reduced number of components and sub-miniaturized fieldpacks. Inova's full line of CPU boards, 1/0, power supplies, fieldbus piggyback, and development systems provide innovative solutions. They are available in 0 degree C to 70 degrees C with an extended temperature option of -40 degrees C to +80 degrees C for use in rugged and harsh embedded applications. Inova also offers a variety of software support products including Real-Time Systems based on RTOS technologies as well as Windows solutions. They are VxWorks, Windows NT, Windows CE, Embedded NT, QNX, OS-9000, and LP Electronics (which is a solution of Windows NT and VxWorks running concurrently).

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