Remote Desktop Support Saves Education Sector ITs Time and Money

NetworkStreaming's latest remote support webcast details increased efficiency.

Ridgeland, MS October 31, 2006 -- While most states are enjoying an increase in revenues, IT spending still lags behind other budgetary priorities according to information and budget officers at the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) conference. However, ITs in the education sector are finding relief with NetworkStreaming's remote desktop support appliance. Their recent webcast, "Supporting the Widespread Campus," details the problems and solutions.

A survey conducted at the NASCIO conference found that although 30 percent of attendees consider increasing IT efficiencies and effectiveness through the adoption of leading practices and emerging technologies to be state CIOs' biggest challenge, the money just isn't there. Scott Pattison, executive director of the National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO), said that competing fiscal pressures don't leave a lot of money for IT projects. Pattison urged ITs and CIOs to think creatively and innovatively to win budget opportunities.

NetworkStreaming has been doing their part in supplying some of that innovative and creative thought with their unique remote desktop support solutions, and the results are evident in the satisfaction of their education sector customers.

The Ohio State University IT team supports 1200 computers on different networks with Internet access ranging from DSL to dial-up in 88 counties over 44,000 square miles. Remote support was complex and time-consuming. According to Duane Rigsby, OSU Systems Manager, "To drive two to three hours plus to just to fix a problem that may only take us five or 10 minutes was out of the question. Now, with NetworkStreaming, we can fix it. There's been a huge turnaround for us in how quick we can get these problems solved."

Rigsby chose NetworkStreaming's SupportDesk as OSU's remote desktop support solution because of the cost savings and its unique features. One of the major requirements was the ability to remotely reboot an end user's computer. "In other software we looked at, you have to have the end user sit there, connect your remote support software back or turn it on and it would come back to you to login. We wanted to be able to eliminate that person because they've got other things to do."

Other OSU remote desktop support requirements included ease of setup for both ITs and end users. "We also wanted it to be set up and ready to go right out of the box. We had to do literally no set up. It would have taken our developers several days," said Rigsby. "And we wanted end users to just be able to just go to a webpage or a file that we would send them and click on it and, really, that's all they do."

For more details on how OSU's requirements were uniquely met by NetworkStreaming's remote desktop support solutions, watch the webcast "Supporting the Widespread Campus." Per Duane Rigsby "It's getting back to our directors that we're doing a good job. Everyone's happy."

Press Contact:
Melissa Taylor Dent
NetworkStreaming Inc.

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